Creating Essential Oil Combinations Is A Creative Outlet For Me And Is Fun And Exciting.

I started my essential oil experience with wanting to make my home smell fresh and clean using essential oil combinations and a diffuser.

Wanting to make a change from chemical air fresheners to something more natural, I was introduced to essential oils.

I absolutely fell in love with the scents and began mixing different single essential oils to create essential oil combinations for different seasons or achieve different scents.

I became fascinated with essentials oils and started learning about the health benefits associated with essentials oils and became experimenting with essential oils for headache relief or lavender to sleep better.

When Creating Essential Oil Combinations Make Sure You Are Using 100 % Pure Essential Oils!

This was a huge insight for me.

I wanted to reduce my families exposure to chemicals in our home.

And many essential oils you pick up are not 100% pure oils and they come from no-name companies so you don't know exactly what is in the bottle.

I highly recommend the Isagenix essential oil collection

These oils are 100% pure essential oils and are 3rd party tested for their purity.

Also, Isagenix is a well-known company in the health and wellness industry that has been in operation for 16 years.

I'm very confident in my purchases from Isagenix and I've actually been a member for over 3 years.

Here are three of my favorite essential oil combinations for my cool mist diffuser.

congestion diffusser blend image Sleepy time image fresh clean home image

I love this diffuser because it has a 12-hour setting and runs every 2 minutes in my living room keeping my home fresh.

Here are 3 of my favorite essential oil combinations that I put in a rollerball.

Bug Bite Roll On image ochie roll on image Tension headach rool on image

If you're looking for roller bottles and other tools to store, mix and create your essential oil combinations in, I purchase most of my supplies off amazon.

This is a great getting started variety package.

Creating essential oil combinations has become my passion and I love finding more ways I can use essential oils around the home.

If your looking for more inspiration on essential oil combinations check out my oil recipe gallery.

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