Essential Oil Storage Solutions For Peace Of Mind And To Stop The Clutter In You

What started out as 3-4 essential oils on my nightstand, quickly became 30 bottles of essential oils in a zip lock bag, which in turn started to be carried around everywhere, purse, camping, in the car. I knew I needed to find a better essential oil storage solution to fit into my everyday life. I use essential oils on a regular basis every day and I’m lucky enough to work from home so most days I can just grab what I need off the counter and add it to my cool mist diffuser or add it to my aromatherapy necklaces and be on my way, but they definitely come a point when I had essential oils in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, sunroom just to name a few and they were starting to look cluttered in our home.  In this article I’m going to share with you my top picks for essential oil storage that I have found particle and easy to use and keeps the clutter down in our home but also still makes using essential oils easy to do.


Essential oil storage the Do’s and Don’ts of keeping your essential oils safe

There are a few safety tips I would like to share with you when you are considering the essential oil storage solutions that you may put in place to organize your essential oil collection.

One is the bottles you choose to store your essential oils in. You want to make sure you are using amber colored glass bottles or cobalt blue glass bottles for essential oil storage as these are dark-colored glass and Depending on the quality of the essential oil you have ( and I do recommend only using 100% pure essential oils) the sunlight can break down the essential oil and it can lose some of the health benefits the essential oil can provide. 

Also while using the dark-colored glass bottles you also want to ensure your essential oil storage solution is not in direct sunlight, even when using the dark-colored bottles.

I highly recommend you label everything. Especially when you get an essential oil collection that is large and you start to create your own essential oil bug spray or essential oil roller bottles, you may not always remember the recipe you used or the blend of essential oils you used to create the DIY project so you want to have a clear label on things so you know what you are using.

Last but not least, and more important when you are creating your own blends or traveling with your essential oils is to ensure the lids fit properly. Essential oils will evaporate to making sure you have a secure lid on your bottle is important to protect your investment as when you are purchasing 100% pure essential oils they can range in price and be a bit expensive for some of the essential oils  and I’d hate to see a bottle evaporation or leak while you are traveling.

Essential oil storage for your home

Thinking outside the box on this essential oil storage solution is a nail polish holders. It mounts to your wall and can hold a ton of essential oils. In my home office is where I keep the majority of my essential oils for when I am writing blog articles and taking photos of my DIY creations and this is a perfect space saver to keep essential oils on the wall and they are all visible and I can read the labels.

The next location in our home that I tend to have a pile of essential oil is in the bedroom. I have a pile on my nightstand. I use essential oil in our diffuser before bed and I also like to wear a lot of essential oil blends as a perfume in the morning when I dress or to help me feel energized as I start my day and so several different bottles of essential oils. Finding an essential oil storage solution that was neat and tidy and fit on my dresser that displayed the essential oils nicely was this layered wooden box. It works really well for holding what I need and I can read all the labels on the essential oil bottles. Making it a perfect essential oil storage solution for the bedroom.

Essential oil storage solution for traveling or camping

We spend the summers camping and there are just so many essential oil that I use while we are camping for bug spray, tick spray, first aid to just name a few and so something that was compact and doesn’t take up a lot of room in our trailer was important and we also travel and some roads are bumpy so the glass jars being protected were important to me. I found this cute case that holds 42 bottles of essential oils.

Choosing the right supplies for making your own DIY essential oil creations

I absolutely love creating my own essential oil products, weather its bath bombs or roller bottles I am always creating something with my essential oils and choosing the right essential oil storage jars, roller bottles are just as important. As having a high-quality essential oil that is pure and not full of chemicals and fillers. Here are some of the items I purchase on a regular basis for my DIY projects

Amber and Blue 10ml roller bottles

Variety pack of glass spray bottles. Very handy if you want to make perfume, disinfectant spray or mirror cleaner you have different size glass bottles for your essential oil storage in this package

Pretty colored essential oil perfume bottles, I know these aren't’ the dark-colored bottles I talked about above but I keep these in my purse so they are hardly exposed to sunlight and I use them pretty often so the essential oil is used up within a few weeks after making it so I feel pretty safe using these colored glass bottles.

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