Isagenix Single Oils Collection Is A Package OF Six Essential Oils

You'll be blown away with the presentation of your Isagenix single oils collection.

You'll find they arrive in a beautiful box that has been well packed and protected for travel thru the mail system.

The bottles of Isagenix essential oils are a beautiful blue color that helps protect your essential oils from UV rays.

Inside the box of Isagenix single oils collection you will find:

How to get the most use out of your Isagenix single oils collection!

Isagenix understands that not everyone has used essential oils before and this may be your first time learning how to incorporate essential oils into your health routine.

They have created a simple yet informative and easy to understand the way to use your Isagenix single oils collection.

You'll find each Isagenix essential oil is marked with a symbol of their suggested use.

How to use your Isagenix Blends Oils image

Where do I find additional information on how to properly use my Isagenix single oils collection?

From me, Lisa Stevenson.

I'm here to support you.

I've available to answer any questions you might have on your Isagenix products.

Whether that be the Isagenix essential oils or another products or system like the 30-day weight loss system from Isagenix.

I've personally been using Isagenix products for over 3 years and I've supported many people as well how to use Isagenix products effectively and safely.

Definitely connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest or Youtube where I'm regularly posting videos and idea cards on how to use your Isagenix products.

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Don't forget your Isagenix Coconut Application Oil in your order.

Mixed with Isagenix essential oils this is a wonderful carrier oil that is used to apply essential oils to your skin.

Interested in the whole collection of Isagenix essential oils? Consider purchasing the experience collection of essential oils

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