Lemon oil By Isagenix Can Help You Relieve The Cold And Cough Symptoms.

Lemon oil by Isagenix is 100% pure essential oil that is cold pressed from the zest of the lemon peel.

Used by diffusing & application, Lemon oil can naturally help you relieve some of your cold and cough symptoms that have you feeling miserable.

Some OF The Ways To Use Lemon Oil By Isagenix:

  1. Put 8 drops of lemon oil in your Isagenix cool mist diffuser.
  2. Mix 1 drop of Isagenix lemon oil & 3 drops of Isagenix coconut application oil. Rub on spine, bottoms of feet.
  3. Add 1 drop of Isagenix lemon oil to your morning shake every day.
  4. Make a warm tea using a few drops of lemon oil to soothe your sore throat.

Not only can Lemon oil by Isagenix help when you are feeling ill but I have 5 other uses for Lemon oil to help reduce your use of chemicals in your home.

  1. Polish silver by placing a few drops of lemon oil on a cloth and wiping objects.
  2. Keep apples from turning brown - add a drop of lemon oil to water and spray your cut up apples- perfect for kids lunches and apple pies.
  3. Clean countertops - add 3 drops of lemon oil to 8 oz of water and wash down table, countertops, appliances etc.
  4. Refresh air while vacuuming - add 2-3 drops of Lemon oil to cotton balls and place in your vacuum canister to freshen air as you clean.
  5. Remove oil, grease, silly putty, crayon- Apply lemon oil directly to surface and rub gently.

Check out this recipe for Lemon cough drops I made using Lemon Oil by Isagenix.

Home Made Lemon Cough Drops image

Here's What You'll Need:

1 cup sugar
60ml cold water
1 tbsp honey
Powdered Sugar (to line cookie sheet)
10 drops of Isagenix Defend Shield
10 drops of Isagenix Lemon Oil


1. Bring sugar, honey, and water to a boil slowly on med heat.
2. When it reaches 280°F Put in oils, let mixture reach 300°F take off heat and let sit until it stops boiling and all the bubbles are gone.
3. On a cookie sheet, make a layer with powdered sugar
4. With your finger make indents in the sugar making a mold for the cough drop liquid.
5. Slowly spoon the hot sugar mixture into your powdered sugar mold.
6. Let sit until cool, sift to get the excess sugar off.

Isagenix stands behind the quality of their Lemon Oil, as with all their oils. They are all 100 percent pure unadulterated oil.

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