Why Are People Adding MCT Oil To Their Coffee?

I believe majority of people are adding MCT oil to coffee to experience a natural boost of energy levels in the morning as well as a way to speed up your bodies metabolic rate and experience fat loss and ultimately MCT oil weight loss more reasons to add MCT oil in coffee would be for overall health benefits of the lauric acid in MCT oil which is also found in breast milk.

Lauric acid is what gives you that full feeling and helps stop you from over eating.

MCT Oil In Coffee, How Much Do I Add?

If you are new to adding MCT oil in coffee or following a high healthy fat diet, you want to start off slowly so you don't experience "disaster pants"!

I would personally start out with 5ML at a time and depending on how your body reacts to adding the MCT oil in your coffee.

You could increase your MCT oil up to 2 tablespoons per serving.

Which Brand Of MCT Oil Would You Recommend For My Coffee?

I've been using the Kiss my Keto MCT oil.

It's a Pure C8 MCT oil and you can read the reasons why this is important on my other blog.

I like this MCT oil because it has no scent.

Sometimes you don't want your coffee to smell like a coconut.

It's tasteless for those people who don't like the taste of coconuts and coffee.

It has a pump, which makes measuring how much MCT oil to add to my coffee simple.

I started out with one pump and now I take three pumps of MCT oil in my coffee each morning now.

I usually take one pump in my afternoon coffee.

Here Are A Few Recipes For You To Try Out.

Coffee With MCT Oil
8 oz of Coffee
1 Pump of MCT oil
1 Tablespoon of heavy cream

Espresso With MCT Oil
2 oz of Espresso
1+ Pump of MCT oil
Milk Froth

After Dinner (Desert) Coffee
1 small scoop of vanilla ice cream
1 espresso shot poured over
1+ pump of MCT Oil

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