Do Ticks Make You Nervous? Create Your Own Natural Tick Repellent


I’m sure you have heard some scary stories about ticks? Through our own trial and error experiences, I’ve come up with a good blend of essential oils to make your own natural tick repellent.

We are an RV camping loving family with 2 children and a yellow lab named Oakley.

2 years ago while camping at a provincial park that we camp at every Thanksgiving weekend, Oakley got his first tick.

Unfortunately for us, we were not familiar with ticks at the time and that little bug grew quite large on our poor puppy until I took him to the vet to find out what the heck was growing on his eyebrow.

That’s when my tick education began.

Whenever we go camping or hiking, I always make sure we are all covered with socks, long pants and I spray down our clothes with this homemade natural tick repellent.

I also give ourselves a once over before we head back into the house or RV as I don’t want to be carrying those ticks home with us.

We particularly found the area near Port Colborne, Ontario to be full of ticks, you actually could see them walking along the gravel at one of the campsites we were staying at.

It made my sink crawl just thinking about them.

Who needs a natural tick repellent and when do you need to use it

From my own research on ticks, I’ve discovered that these little bugs like to live in areas that natural and green such as tall grasses, woods, nature trails, and even your lawn where there is shade and some moisture in the environment.  Depending on the area you are living or traveling in, you could be sitting having a picnic under a tree in a park and find a tick walking along the blanket or you could be in a hiking trail deep in the woods and pick up a tick.

Do ticks prefer one human or dog over another?  Personally, I can’t say for certain but I have read on several other articles that ticks can be attracted to different body odors, bacteria on your skin, age and gender may even play a part. Either way, each person in our family gets sprayed down with the natural tick repellent spray each time we go hiking and camping and we reapply every few hours. Our dog Oakley is a bit more tricky. We find when we spray him down he goes and rubs in the grass to rub off the essential oils, which probably defeats the purpose as he may be rubbing in tick infested ground. So we spray him down in our house or RV and wait for about 30 minutes before letting him outside. These seem to help with him not wanting to rub off the essential oils.

What you will need to create your own Natural Tick Repellent

Natural Tick Repellent

With a funnel, if you prefer add the listed essential oils to your 2oz spray bottle. If you are using a bigger spray bottle just adjust the suggested drops as you see fit. Spray this natural tick repellent with essential oils wherever you go into an area that has a tick concern. Spray on your shoes, socks, pants and make sure you reapply every few hours.

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