How Can Essential Oil Roller Bottle Recipes Support Your Health?


Essential oils have been used for health support for thousands of years. Creating your own essential oil roller bottle recipes for health concerns such as headache, nausea, bug bite relief provide you a natural way to take care of your health without the worry of chemicals or toxins entering your body, as well as a way to save money. Let me introduce you to 15 of my essential oil roller bottle recipes that I think you will find useful.

Choosing the right carrier oil for your essential oil roller bottle recipes

There are many carrier oils you can choose to use for your roller bottle recipes. Each one may work better than another for the intended purpose of each roller bottle recipe. 

Vitamin E - This is a very good carrier oil if you are looking to create moisture in your skin. If you are creating an essential oil roller bottle recipe for dark circles under your eyes, a daily moisturizer for your face or looking to repair sore cracked heels, a vitamin E carrier oil is what I would use in my roller bottle. 

JoJoba Oil - This oil is very good for hydration as well as some inflammation properties to it. If you are making an essential oil roller bottle for bug bites this may be a carrier oil that could help with how badly you puff up after a bee sting or mosquito bite.  Jojoba oil could also make a very good carrier oil if you have injured yourself playing a sport or have had an intense workout and need some muscle relief this may be the carrier oil you would like to add with some essential oils for relief

Coconut oil - Probably what I go to 97% of the time as it's very versatile and is amazing for your skin. Essential oils blend very nicely with coconut oil and it doesn’t leave an odor behind. 

You can read more about my top 3 carrier oils on this blog post .  

15 essential oil roller bottle recipes you must try

Bug Bite Roller Bottle

Headache Roller Bottle

Breath Easy Roller Bottle

Dark Circle Roller Bottle

Itchy Skin

Office Stress Roller Bottle

Sinus Relief Roller Bottle

Apply to the bottom of your feet

Sleep like a baby Roller Bottle

Apply to pulse points and the back of neck at bedtime

Respiratory Health Roller Bottle

Hard as Nails Roller Bottle

First Aid for cuts and scrapes Roller Bottle

Focus and Concentration Roller Bottle

Overworked Muscle Roller Bottle

Fatigue Roller Bottle

Varicose Veins Roller Bottle

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