Why should you try using essential oils for sore feet relief?


In this article I’m going to be showing you how to create several essential oil for sore feet remedies, I’ll explain how to make each item, what essential oils have been used and why as well as offer suggestions for use so you can experience the best results from these products

I would wager that many people when asked would tell you they have some discomfort to serve pain in their feet every day. This pain could be the result of many factors, walking, running, standing, poor footwear, heavy steel-toed boots. I’m happy to report that I have several essential oils for sore feet remedies to share with you. Many of them are easy to whip together right now to help relieve some of the discomforts you are experiencing.

essential oils for sore feet

Try a foot soak with essential oils for sore feet.

When your feet are sore and you are experiencing some inflammation in your feet taking a foot soak with cold water and hot water may bring you relief from your sore feet.

When you are experiencing joint pain, swelling and muscle stiffness a cold foot soak with essential oils can help promote the bodies natural numbing nerve sensations and bring temporary relief to your sore feet. Often a cold soak is recommended when you have an injury such as a sprained ankle.

Alternatively you can switch over to a warm foot soak, ideally, you will soak your feet in warm water when you are experiencing over tired feet. It may be the repetitive action of being on your feet all day or wearing heavy work boots that have brought on fatigue to the muscles in the foot. A nice warm foot soak with essential oils can encourage blood circulation to the foot and surrounding muscles.

I’m personally in love with my foot bath and I’ve used it with essential oils without any problems. I like to add Epsom salt to my foot soak. The magnesium and sulfate can be very soothing and relaxing as well have the ability to soften the skin if you have rough dry thick patches of skin on your heels or Epsom salt can also help with smelly feet and bacteria. I would suggest soaking for feet for 15-30 minutes to gain all the benefits from the salt and essential oils.  Here are 2 recipes for Epsom salts and essential oils.

The foot soak recipes listed below are intended for single use, I prefer to make big batches and store the foot soak in a glass jar. Whenever I need some relief of my sore feet I can just grab a few scoops of the mixture and add it to my foot bath.

Some of the supplies you will need to make your own foot soak are

How to make your essential oil foot soak:

Step #1 – add your baking soda to your glass jar

Step #2 – add you’re essential oils to the baking soda and stir

Step #3 – add your Epsom salt and combine with baking soda until well mixed together

Step #4 – add a label

Side note, makes a wonderful gift for teachers, mothers, dance instructors & new mums.

Beachy Feet Foot Soak #1

1 cup Epsom salt

2 TBSP baking soda

4 Drops Eucalyptus essential oil has been shown to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain

3 Drops Ginger essential oil recommended for people with chronic inflammation and pain

4 Drops Turmeric essential oil turmeric essential oils reduced joint inflammation


Overworked feet Foot Soak #1

1 Cup Epsom salt

2 TBSP baking soda

4 drops Peppermint essential oil     Offers a cooling, numbing sensation

4 Drops Marjoram essential oil Useful for tired and sore muscles and joints

4 Drops Cypress essential oil circulation and strengthens connective tissue


Try a foot massage with essential oils for sore feet.

  • So if the idea of digging out your foot bath and soaking your feet for 15 or more minutes just isn’t in the cards, giving yourself a relaxing foot massage with essential oils to ease your foot pain might be the next best thing. Using essential oils with a carrier application oil and taking the time to massage your foot can be an overall relaxing meditative experience. You can take the time to pay special attention to the areas of your foot that are sore, or if you showing some signs of inflammation you can apply the pressure you find soothing to the foot area to relieve the soreness. Here are 2 massage lotions you can create with essential oils for sore feet that smell wonderful. For a spa-like experience after you have massaged your sore feet, wrap super soft warm towels around each foot, and lay down with your legs propped up with a few pillows and take a 15 minutes cat nap. Allow your feet to enjoy the benefits of warm towels and essential oils.

The massage oil recipes listed below are intended for 1-foot massage application ( 2 feet) Making up a bottle of massage oil for your sore feet will save you time next time your feet are sore you can just grab the bottle and start massaging your feet.  Depending on the side of the bottle you chose, just double or triple the below sore feet recipes.

Gather the following supplies to create your own essential oils for sore feet massage oils.

How to make your massage oil for sore feet.

Step #1 – Measure out your carrier oil of choice in a jar

Step #2 –  Add in your essential oils

Step #3 – gently shake or roll glass jar in the palm of your hands to mix oils together

Step #4 – add a label

Side note, makes a wonderful gift for teachers, mothers day, fathers day, dance instructors.

To make this gift extra special, grab a massage oil warmer, the luxury of warm massage oil on your feet is heavenly

Tired Feet Massage Oil #1

½ TBSP Coconut application oil

2 Drops Lavender essential oil Relaxes tight muscles

2 Drops Juniper Berry essential oil  Reduces pain and inflammation

2 Drops Tea Tree essential oil can help with bacteria


Tender Toes Massage Oil #2

½ TBSP Jojoba oil

4 Drops Rose Geranium essential oil – helps with calluses or hard skin on feet

2 Drops Peppermint essential oil – gives a cooling effect

2 drops Patchouli essential oil – good for fungus


Bonus, How to keep your feet looking amazing for summer footwear.

Taking good care of your feet to avoid injury and soreness are important and give your feet some special attention on a regular basis can be part of your health and wellness routine. You don’t always have to head to the spa for a pedicure, taking care of your feet at home can provide a great opportunity for some personal time, listen to your favorite music, light some candles and give yourself a pampering foot scrub and paint your own toenails. Check out my Foot Sugar scrub, a totally sweet treat for your feet.

Supplies you’ll need to make your own Foot Sugar Scrub


How to make your Lemon Rosemary Foot Sugar Scrub:

Step #1

In a large bowl combine your white sugar and your coarse cane sugar

Step #2- add in your dried Rosemary leaves to your sugar mixture

Step #3 – In a separate bowl combine your jojoba oil and your essential oils

Step #4 – Combine your wet ingredients ( the oils) with the dry ingredients ( the sugars) and stir until well combined

Step #5- scoop into decorative glass jars and ad a special kraft paper label

How to use the Lemon Rosemary Sugar Scrub

I would use one of the above foot soak recipes first, if you don’t have the time to soak your feet for 15 minutes, I would at least wash them with soap and water before doing the lemon rosemary sugar scrub on your feet.

Apply a generous amount of Lemon Rosemary Sugar scrub to the bottom of your feet and massage into the top and bottom of your feet. Pay extra attention to areas with thick dry skin. You can leave the sugar scrub on your feet for a little bit if you like or rinse off when your done.

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