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5 Overlooked Ways Strength Training Improves Your Life

Ever wonder how strength training benefits your health? It must be more than fat loss and lean muscle growth, right? According to researchers, weight training is medicine. It not only improves your body composition but also keeps your bones strong, reduces visceral fat, and lowers your risk of heart disease. In the long run, it helps prevent osteoporosis, insulin resistance, type II diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Despite its proven health benefits, strength training is still taboo for most women. Some are afraid that lifting weight will make them look bulky. Others simply believe that lifting weights is for men only.



Before hitting the gym, check out these overlooked ways strength training can improve your life:

Supports Bone Health 

Lifting weights increase bone mineral density by one to three percent. It also improves joint flexibility and range of motion. This is particularly important for menopausal women and seniors as their bone mass decreases with age. Strength training enables people to stay active and live independently until late in life.



Reduces Visceral Fat 

Visceral fat surrounds your vital organs, such as the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. It’s the deep layer of fat located in the abdominal region. This tissue consists of adipose cells that produce inflammatory toxins known as cytokines. Inflammation is a major contributing factor to heart disease, arthritis, cognitive decline, obesity, and autoimmune disorders. Strength training targets visceral fat, which helps lower your risk of chronic diseases.



Stabilizes Blood Pressure 

Studies indicate that lifting weights is a simple, effective way to keep your blood pressure low. Its benefits are immediate. Lifting weights improve circulation and reduce pressure on the arterial walls, which in turn, helps prevent hypertension.

Improves Brain Function 

One of the main benefits of strength training lies in its ability to improve mental health. This form of exercise has been shown effective for people with mild cognitive impairment, leading to better memory and enhance brain function. It also relieves stress, increases your productivity, and boosts mental focus.

Increases Libido 

As you age, your sex hormone levels drop. Most women in their 40s complain about low sex drive. Weight training elevates testosterone and balances estrogen levels, which helps increase libido. High testosterone levels are key to a healthy sex life.

So, are you ready to start lifting weights? By the end of the day, you’ll feel lighter, more energized, and refreshed!



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