Selling Isagenix?

Nope, not me.

I am sharing Isagenix.

What is the difference between Selling Isagenix and Sharing Isagenix?

A whole lot.

For me anyway, I've never sold anything in my life.

I'm totally not a salesperson.

But back in 2015 when my health was deteriorating fast due to vitamin and mineral deficiency I was desperately looking for a way to improve my health and my personal savings grace came in a brown box on my doorstep.

This road back to health took me several months.

When I was back to feeling like my old self again, friends noticed.

This was the beginning of my journey of selling Isagenix by sharing my experience with others.

Selling Isagenix Became My Mission To Help Others Feel Incredible!

When I attended my first Isagenix Global Celebration, Selling Isagenix Celebration imageI really began to grasp what an amazing opportunity selling Isagenix to individuals to help them achieve their health goals.

In turn, these individuals, helped me reach my financial goals.

If you're looking for a work from home opportunity to build an extra stream of income, create financial security, save for a family holiday or even replace your full-time income, seize this opportunity and start selling Isagenix.

There are several ways to create your new business.

You can choose to build your business online, thru social media, health and wellness expos or even in person through in-home presentations.

Your new business can become anything you desire to create.

Isagenix currently offers you an opportunity to build a global business in 17 countries.

There are plans to open up even more markets in more countries in the near future.

Isagenix international was founded in 2002 by John Anderson, Jim Coover, and Kathy Coover.

Last year, sales of Isagenix health and wellness products amounted to nearly $1 billion.

In its 15-year history, the company has generated $5 billion in cumulative revenue through its network of independent Associates.

You are probably wondering how much money can your make selling Isagenix.

It's really up to you.

Your success in your business will be determined by your mindset, your focus, and your commitment to the goals and targets you set for yourself.

If you share / sell Isagenix with integrity will see people have a positive health transformation.

This is far more personaling rewarding than just selling Isagenix to earn your commision.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.

Like any other company, it will take work, commitment, determination, and a willingness to be coached.

With a positive attitude, you will reach your goals.

A very good friend and mentor to me, during my journey, took me to a vision casting party.

I had never created a dream board or vision board before this.

This was the turning point for me.

A group of ladies and I sat around cutting out pictures from travel magazines, and other books.

Selling Isagenix Earned Me This New Lexus Image I had a huge poster board and was told if I could have and do anything I wanted what would I do? I learned to dream again that evening.

I put things like a new iPhone, Disney vacation, pictures of beaches, yoga poses, and a Lexus on that first vision board and then I got to work.

Over the last 3 years, I've reached those goals.

The biggest goal, the luxury vehicle, is now sitting in my driveway.

I think I'm having a love affair with my Lexus.

I need to pinch myself every time I drive it.

It's not been easy to reach these goals but it has been an amazing experience.

I am so proud to be part of sharing Isagenix.

I feel blessed and thankful I was open to saying YES.

If my good friend had not shared Isagenix with me, giving me the opportunity to sell Isagenix, and casting the vision of the impact I could make in other people's health, as well as my own, I would not be driving my car today.

Selling Isagenix Through Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing is a great way to build a successful business.

It will just take some time and energy.

The 21st century is the information age.

Everything is on the internet and at our fingertips.

Network marketing is about reaching out to people and connecting.

With the ever-growing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, and Instagram people are connecting with old high school friends and strangers from around the world.

I've created my own little video on Selling Isagenix

How can you get started on this opportunity?

Your first step is to order your own Isagenix System and put this amazing Start Selling Isagenix with this 30-Day Premium Pak health and wellness product in your body.

You will have a positive experience.

You won't be able to help yourself from sharing Isagenix with the people you care about.

You won't feel like your selling Isagenix.

It will come from a genuine place of happiness and you will want others to feel the way you feel.

Purchasing Isagenix products is safe and secure using our Isagenix retail website.

I will be here as your personal coach.

I will help you understand the products as well as the business while you share your experience with others.

Isagenix makes sharing easy and provides their associates with so many tools and training.

Check out this 15-minute webinar by co-founder Kathy Coover on how you can Fast Track your way to an executive with Isagenix.

Fast Track to Executive Selling Isagenix Link

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