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Lisa Stevenson – helping others achieve their personal best.

Health is wealth. No one knows this more than Lisa Stevenson. In 2014, eight years after undergoing Gastric Bypass surgery, Lisa experienced extreme fatigue and a dramatic decline in her physical health. After consulting several medical professionals, Lisa learned that she was severely vitamin and mineral deficient.

Frustrated with a lack of results after undergoing various treatments prescribed by traditional medical practitioners, Lisa consulted with a Naturopath in her local community. At the suggestion of her Naturopath, that she explore alternative vitamin and mineral replacement remedies, Lisa researched the benefits of Isagenix products for this purpose. Desperate to regain control of her own health and wellness, Lisa began to incorporate Isagenix in her daily life with the
hope of seeing any type of positive improvement.

Within months of incorporating Isagenix products into her daily diet, Lisa saw a dramatic increase in the quality of her own health. Increased energy, weight loss, radiant skin, hair and nails were just a few of the positive outcomes that Lisa experienced. Empowered by the positive results visible in her life, Lisa chose to incorporate Isagenix products in her family’s daily lives and has never looked back.

Nearly two years later, Lisa’s family continues to embrace Isagenix as part of their daily routine and they continue to see an array of positive results.

Lisa’s husband, whose career involves physically demanding shift work, has experienced significant weight loss, decreased hunger, improved sleep patterns, and greater ease in transitioning between shift rotation. Lisa’s physically active children now indulge in Isagenix shakes and bars on the go, rather than asking their parents to frequent drive-through windows.

Feeling that Isagenix has given her a second chance at life, Lisa is now committed to helping others achieve their personal best. A busy wife, and mother , Lisa is eager to empower others in achieving success on their own terms, while supporting them throughout their journey.