Best Essential Oils For Dryer Balls

Everyone has their favorite scents when it comes to essential oils, today I’m sharing the best essential oils for dryer balls that I have found work really well for keeping our clothes smelling fresh and clean and by using wool dryer balls my clothes dry faster in the drying machine and I’m not wasting money and exposing my family to chemicals in regularly dryer sheets you buy at the grocery store


Common questions you may ask when adding essential oils to your dryer balls

How many drops of essential oils should I use on my dryer balls?

I have 4 wool dryer balls that I use and I add about 4 drops of essential oils to each wool dryer ball

How often do I need to add essential oils to my dryer balls?

About every 3 loads of laundry you will find you need to add more drops of essential oils to your wool dryer balls.  

Will the essential oils stain my laundry?

To avoid any possible oil stains on your clothes, I would suggest you add the essential oils to your wool dryer balls and let the essentials oils settle in the dryer balls for a few minutes before adding your clothes to the dryer

What should I do if I want to use a different essential oil ?

Wash your wool dryer balls with a load of wash, This will help to rinse out the scent of your previous essential oil and it was all recharge your wool dryer balls to help with static cling in the dryer. 

Which dryer balls should I buy?

Make sure you are purchasing 100% wool dryer balls . Others could be filled with plastic and other materials along with wool and not work as effectively.

My personal favourite essential oil blends for dryer balls

I know doing laundry can be a bit time consuming, gather up all the dirty clothes, sorting colours, washing, drying, folding putting them away and so the thought of creating essential oil blends to add to your dryer balls may be one more step your really not looking to add on to the chore but its super easy and will save you time. What I personally do is take an empty bottle with a dropper and I add in all the essential oils to make it blend and keep it in the laundry room. When I need to add fresh essential oils to my dryer balls I just put 1 or 2 dropper fulls on each ball and toss them back in.  a 2 oz bottle will last you months on your dryer balls so it really isn’t that big of a task to do

Mountain Air Essential oils dryer ball blend

Ocean Breeze Essential oil dryer ball blend

100 Acre Wood Forest Essential oil dryer ball blend

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