Best Smelling Essential Oils for every mood you want to create in your home.

Of Coarse, everyone has a personal opinion on what smells good and what doesn’t, so here are my personal favorite best smelling essential oils that I use in my home.  I use my essential oil diffuser every day in our home. Most days I just reach for an essential oil at random and enjoy the smell, just because I love them all. But I do have the favorites that I reach for to help create a mood or to support an emotion I’m feeling or what to feel. In this article, you’ll find my suggestions for the best smelling essential oils for different moods. Now If I was to tell you the best smelling essential oil I have ever fallen in love with during my first sniff it would be the arise essential oil from this yoga collection. I fell in love with this flower scent and I have found it very relaxing to inhale during meditations and I wear it often on my diffuser necklace.

The best smelling essential oils in different aroma categories

Everyone has their personal preference when it comes to smells, while some people love to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the floral scent category, some people may feel more drawn to a more earthy or woody scent that smells to have a masculine feel to the scent. Let’s break down a few categories and discover where the essential oils fall.

Citrus Essential oils. – these essential oils are usually cold pressed from the rind of the fruit to produce pure essential oils. Precautions should be taken when applying citrus essential oils to the skin that is exposed to sunlight. These essential oils have a fresh scent. Some of the essential oils you will find in this aroma category is Lime essential oil, Lemon Essential oil, Tangerine essential oil, Orange essential oil, grapefruit essential oil and Bergamot essential oil to name a few.  From the citrus oil family, my vote for the best smelling essential oil is the grapefruit oil. This essential oil is wonderful for anyone who battles a sugar craving.

Earth Essential oils– are essential oils that are created from being steam distilled in most cases they are part of a plant. That may be the leaves or the roots to extract the essential oil from the plant. A few essential oils I would put in the earthy essential oil aroma category would be Arborvitae essential oil,

Wood/Forest Essential oils – This aroma category will remind you of a hike in the woods. Woody’s essential oils are created by the bark, wood, branches, and needles of the trees and are steam distilled to produce essential oil. A few suggestions of essential oils you will find in this aroma category are the  Birch essential oil, Cedarwood, Cypress essential oil, Douglas fir essential oil. Within this aroma category, I think the best smelling essential oil is the Cedarwood essential oil. I often diffuse this essential oil when I need to focus on writing content for our website and I need mental focus and concentration to complete a task at hand.

Floral Essential oils – This aroma category has been used as a perfume for centuries and you’ll find many of the essential oils are created from the flower petals or leaves. Some of the essential oils you will find in this floral aroma category are Clary Sage essential oil, Geranium essential oil, Jasmine essential oil. It definitely would be hard to pick just one of these essentials oils and name it the best smelling but the one I find to be most useful would be the Clary Sage essential oils, These essential oils have many health benefits for women. It can support you if you have endometriosis, if you are nursing mother and you have a lack of break milk you may find this essential oil to benefit you when used topically, Also can be an emotionally supportive oil for depression and anxiety. .  

Spice Essential oils– I’d have to say I personally love spicy essential oils. They are waking and uplifting and really give depth to a scent when you are creating your own roller bottle blends of essential oils. This aroma category of essential oils can be made from the berries, seeds leaves or bark of a spice plant. Some of the essential oils you will find in this spicy aroma category are Black Pepper essential oil, Cilantro essential oil, Cinnamon Bark essential oil and Clove essential oil. Again personal preference but I think the cinnamon bark is the best smelling essential oil in the spice family. It’s warm and inviting and it reminds me of the little cinnamon hearts you eat at valentines day. I also use cinnamon bark essential oil pretty regularly in the winter time by adding it to my hand lotion to warm up my hands when they are cold in the winter.

Some suggestions of blends that work well together for your home.

Meditation Yoga Diffuser Blend

4 Drops Cedarwood Essential oil

4 Drops Clary Sage Essential oil

2 Drops Lavender Essential oil


Studying/ Focus Diffuser Blend

4 Drops Vetiver Essential oil

3 Drops Lavender  Essential oil

Family Gatherings Diffuser Blend

3 Drops Cinnamon Bark Essential oil

2 Drops Orange Essential oils

2 Drops Douglas Fir Essential oil

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best smelling essential oils
best smelling essential oils
best smelling essential oils