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You can buy Isagenix products in Canada, through an Isagenix Independent Associate, Order Isagenix online directly from our Isagenix warehouse.  By ordering Isagenix online you will receive fresh Isagenix products, Dropped off on your doorstep in about 2 days from UPS.

Isagenix cannot be purchased in retail stores and you should avoid purchases from E-bay and Amazon as those products are not coming from an Isagenix warehouse. Although you may think you are getting a deal on these sites, you may not receive true Isagenix products, you may receive expired Isagenix products and there will no money back guarantee or coaching for your product experience.

When you make your initial purchase using our Isagenix Retail Site,  You can be assured you are buying Isagenix directly from the company, Your payment is securely processed through Isagenix International and you will receive fresh products at the price point you choose. ( Retail sales or Wholesale membership sales) You will also be creating your own username and password so you can conveniently order your Isagenix products online at any time by logging in and know you are buying from a secure Isagenix International site.

For extra piece of mind, when buying Isagenix with an Independent Associate, you receive free coaching from Lisa, to ensure you have the best possible experience and Isagenix International offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the products in your initial order.

Buy Isagenix online
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You would like to buy Isagenix Products in Canada and we have the complete range of solutions to meet your goals.

Maybe you were talking with a co-worker in the lunch room how she has released XX number of pounds using our Isagenix 30-day weight loss system and you know that is what you want!!!

Or- You met up with a friend at the gym to have a work out together and you were impressed with his energy and drive to complete his workout and you were curious about the NOx product you saw him drink, So. you know you would like the Isagenix Performance Pak.

Thirdly, You could be a little unsure of what package is right for you and you want to make sure you have the lowest price possible on your order. Then reach out to Lisa with our Contact form or go ahead and give me a call toll-Free, 1-877-843-2370 and I can walk you through your goals, products that fit those goals, purchase price options and set you up for success.

Here are a few more benefits from buying Isagenix with an Independent Associate versus a retail store.

  • Lowest retail or wholesale pricing ( the choice is yours)
  • 30-day money back guarantee (on your 1st order)
  • Fast shipping ( UPS or FedX)
  • Fresh, genuine products straight from the warehouse
  • Personalized coaching to assist you in achieving your health & wellness goals

Coaching and Support

So you may be wondering, if I buy Isagenix in Canada, how can I get support?

Isagenix has amazing customer support that you can call, and chat to in your back office. I will be personally supporting you on your journey.  I am located in Ontario and I’m willing to travel for my team. We have a growing team throughout Canada and we can hook you up with local events in your area. Plug you into our private and confidential Facebook groups for support. We can do our follow-ups over the telephone, Zoom video recording, your home or coffee shop. You are not alone in this journey and we have thousands of people who want to cheer you on. 

Once you start using these amazing products you’ll understand why Isagenix Canada is experiencing record growth, and why so many people are talking about this company!  Isagenix has a goal to become the largest health and wellness company in the world and impacting lives in a positive manner. Through the use of these outstanding products but also with the Isagenix compensation plan we are impacting the financial future of so many people. Helping people to create an extra stream of income or totally replace their J.O.B this opportunity is definitely something you could seriously take a look at with an open mind.

Introducing the Isagenix Cleansing Diet

The Isagenix Canada total health and weight wellness program helps to support your bodies natural detoxification pathways and infuse it with essential nutrients that get your body.

How would you like to lose weight, burn fat, increase energy levels, improve athletic performance, and enjoy a sense of optimum health and wellness…?

People around the world have successfully used these products to improve their health and release excess weight.

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Our Most Popular Weight Loss and Fat Burning Systems

30-Day Basic

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30-day Premium

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30-Day Value

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Order Isagenix Online:

For your convenience, you can order Isagenix online using an Independent Isagenix Associate retail site.  , is my personal retail site. This Isagenix retail site is the only official way to purchase authentic Isagenix products directly from the company and shipped from the Isagenix distribution centre. 

It should only take about 15 minutes of your time to place your Isagenix order online depending if you choose retail sales or if you choose the membership option. You’ll be asked to set up a username and password for your back office. The back office is your personal online grocery store to all the products Isagenix offers. You’ll use this username and password for all future Isagenix online orders.  When placing your Isagenix online order you will be able to choose your package options such as flavours of shakes, E Shots & bars, as well as choose what time of packaging you would like for your products and if you prefer powder or liquid.

If you seem overwhelmed by the options available to you , please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to walk you through the Isagenix online ordering system or if you prefer to place your initial order over the telephone we would be happy to set you up with your account and teach you how to place future orders.

Buy Isagenix in Canada

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