Canadian Isagenix Prices

Isagenix prices are now available in Canadian funds as of July 2015.  With the American dollar, as it is, this is a good deal for Canadians. All products and systems are available throughout Isagenix Retail page . If you happen to be from another region that Isagenix products are available in such as;

You can change the flag on the retail site to switch the Isagenix Prices and products specific to your country. 

Isagenix offers a few different price levels for their Isagenix Price system:

Retail: The highest price you will pay for your Isagenix Products. There is no membership fees, Auto Ships or commitments for future orders

Preferred Customer ( on or off of auto ship) There is a membership fee but you will save 25% off the retail price of the Isagenix Products.

Customer:  no membership fee, Saving of 10% off retail prices. 

you can learn more about the Customer first program at

Here are a few of our most popular products in Isagenix prices for Canadians.

Other popular products with individual Isagenix prices.

Some of our staples products: