Canadian Isagenix Prices

Isagenix prices are now available in Canadian funds as of July 2015.  With the American dollar, as it is, this is a good deal for Canadians. All products and systems are available throughout Isagenix Retail page . If you happen to be from another region that Isagenix products are available in such as;

You can change the flag on the retail site to switch the Isagenix Prices and products specific to your country. 

Isagenix offers a few different price levels for their Isagenix Price system:

Retail: The highest price you will pay for your Isagenix Products. There is no membership fees, Auto Ships or commitments for future orders

Preferred Customer ( on or off of auto ship) There is a membership fee but you will save 25% off the retail price of the Isagenix Products.

Customer:  no membership fee, Saving of 10% off retail prices. 

you can learn more about the Customer first program at

Here are a few of our most popular products in Isagenix prices for Canadians.

Retail order or Wholesale Order: What is the difference?

Retail orders: Are perfect for people who just want to try Isagenix Products 1 time with no commitment to an Isagenix Membership or an Autoship program.  You can log on to our retail page and order whatever you would like 1 time. For this option, you will pay regular retail rate for your Isagenix product and you won’t be able to take advantage of any specials or promos that members will be able to use.  You will still receive free coaching with the Isagenix products you choose to order from me.

Wholesale Orders:  When you purchase a membership to Isagenix International you will pay wholesale pricing on all the Isagenix products you choose to order for a full year. Typically an Isagenix wholesale membership will save you roughly 25% off the retail prices, entitle you to any special promotions that Isagenix offers, new seasonal shake releases or BOGO events. By having an Isagenix membership. you will receive the lowest price on your Isagenix products

To sign up for your Isagenix membership and get the lowest price on Isagenix Products you will choose the sign-up and save option on our retail page. This option will automatically give you Isagenix membership options for you to choose the best membership level for you.

What is the Autoship program? The auto-ship program is flexible and can be changed or canceled at any time.  Autoship is a convenient way to make sure you never run out of your favorite products and to ensure you always get the lowest prices on all your orders. You can choose how often you would like Isagenix to ship your products, What products would you like to have in your order and These orders can always be pushed ahead by 60 days if you are headed out of town on vacation.

Become an Associate: Once you’ve opened your customer account you’ll be able to click a button to upgrade your account and become an Associate.

When you become an Associate you’ll unlock the Isagenix compensation plan, get your own Isagenix retail website and access to business building tools, and be able to earn commissions when you share the products and income opportunity with others.  Isagenix offers an opportunity for you to build an International business from the comfort of your home. This opportunity can be as little as sharing the Isagenix products with friends and family or you can build financial freedom by really taking on this opportunity to build a business online using social media, the power of the internet and create connections all over the world.  You can learn more about the Isagenix business opportunity by checking out our Financial freedom page.

Benefits of buying Directly From  Isagenix:  Buy Contacting me directly or using our Isagenix retail page, you’ll be purchasing directly from Isagenix, you’ll get low prices, fresh products and the full 30-day product money-back guarantee (on your initial order).

Your order will be shipped directly from the Isagenix distribution center closest to you. Typically UPS will drop off your order on your doorstep in about 2 business days.

Still, have questions? 

Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Buy Isagenix online today, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Other popular products with individual Isagenix prices.

Some of our staples products: