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Common Workout Mistakes That Sabotage Your Progress

Do you stick to your workouts but still have little or no results? Feeling frustrated about your slow progress? If so, you might be making one or all of these common workout mistakes. From excessive cardio to poor lifting form, there are pitfalls that can sabotage your efforts. 

It’s not unusual to see gym-goers spending hours on the treadmill, skipping weight training, or trying to spot reduce. These common workout mistakes not only hurt your progress but also lead to increased stress, fatigue, and even weight gain. 

Fortunately, it’s never too late to tweak your routine and get back on track. Exercise isn’t rocket science, but it still has rules. To get fit, avoid these common workout mistakes:

Relying on Gym Machines

Gym machines have their place in your workouts but cannot replace free weights. Barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells should be your first choice. These accessories cause your body to work harder and increase overall strength. Additionally, they hit stabilizing muscles that are hard to target when you’re using gym machines. According to the American Council on Exercise, training with free weights leads to greater muscle strength and power. 

Training Too Long and Too Often 

If you’re hitting the gym every single day, don’t expect results. Your muscles need time to recover from exercise. Overtraining leads to fatigue, elevated cortisol levels, low energy, and sluggish metabolism. It also leaves you exhausted, affects your mood, and causes your body to hold on the water. In the long run, it can damage the heart muscle and increase injury risk. 

Going Overboard with Cardio

Too much cardio is one of the most common workout mistakes. If cardio was the key to fat loss, you’d already be lean. Excessive cardio training raises the stress hormone cortisol levels, which in turn, triggers muscle loss and promotes weight gain. Keep your cardio sessions short and intense. Better yet, replace them with HIIT or full body circuits.

Trying to Spot Reduce 

Are you still doing hundreds of crunches to lose belly fat? Contrary to popular belief, spot reduction is just a myth. No matter how hard you try, you can not get rid of fat from specific areas. The reason why your abs don’t pop out is that they’re covered in fat. The only to slim down your legs, arms, or waist is to eat clean nutrient-rich foods and train your whole body, Consider checking out our Isagenix Performance line.



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