Disinfecting wipes with Essential Oils

Cleaning my home in a more natural way without the exposure to chemicals has been an area of focus for me over the last 2 years. These Disinfecting wipes with essential oils are easy to make and save me money on store purchased cleansers while helping the environment.

You probably have all the ingredients on hand to wipe up this batch of Disinfecting wipes with essential oils and even if your not a knitter like myself, you could pick up some cloth wipes at Walmart to resue in your disinfecting solution.

Disinfecting Wipes with essential oils

Areas in the home to use Disinfecting Wipes with essential oils

  • Kitchen- Wipe down your sinks, countertops, Appliances or cabinets.
  • Bathrooms- Wipe down your toilet, sinks, walls, doors, door knobs and faucets.
  • Living rooms – Wipe down leather furniture, lamps, coffee tables.

What do you need to make Disinfecting Wipes with essential oils?

A glass container to store the cleaning solution in clothes in so Its always ready to go

4 oz of Vodka

4 oz of Rubbing Alchohol

15 Drops each of Isagenix Essential oils

Tea Tree




Combine all ingredients until mixed and add in your reusable clothes.

Your cotton cloth will soak up the cleaning solution and it will be ready to use whenever you are in need.

After use just put your dirty cloth in the washing machine.  Feel free to top up the disinfecting solution whenever you are running low.

DIY Cleaning wipes with essential oils

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