Enjoy The Aromatherapy Benefits Of Your Own DIY Bath Oil With Essential Oil


There is nothing like ending a long hard day in a relaxing hot steamy bath with some of your own DIY bath oil to soothe away your aches and pains and moisturize your skin. There are countless aromatherapy benefits associated with essential oils and you can customize your own DIY bath oil to help you relax, meditate or soothe away muscle aches with a few drops in a hot steamy bath. 

Which Carriers Oils should you use in your DIY Bath Oil?

Coconut Oil - Fractionated coconut oil is liquid coconut oil that works well for blending with essential oils to put in your bath oil. Odorless so it doesn't affect the scent you are creating with your bath oil. Coconut oil does have some anti-orients in it like vitamin E and vitamin A which may slow down the aging process. 

Almond Oil - Sweet almond oil is very good for skin health. Its chalked full of vitamins, fatty acids, protein. Sweet almond oil is perfect for your DIY bath oil because it helps lock in moisture in your skin cells, helps them to appear smooth and wrinkle free. 

Avocado Oil - if your skin is super dry or chapped, especially in the winter months, soaking in a bath with an avocado bath oil help to retain some moisture in your skin as avocado oil is full of omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin D. Avocado oil may be able to help heal eczema. If you suffer from back acne avocado oil also has some anti-inflammatory properties to help with redness and inflammation that can be caused by acne breakouts. 

Jojoba oil  - Jojoba oil is well known for the repairing benefits of skin. If you have rosacea or eczema this is a fast absorbing oil and will really sink into your skin while you are using it in the bath.  Jojoba oil is also an anti-microbial soil meaning it helps prevent the growth of bacteria caused by acne or can support wound healing. 

Grapeseed oil -  Grapeseed oil is wonderful for really dry skin. It contains vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids which can help with reducing the signs of aging skin. Perticeraly if you have dark spots or age spots grapeseed oil can help with skin discoloration.

Which Essential Oils should you use in your DIY Bath Oil?

Depending on what type of atmosphere you are creating with your bath will depend on the essential oils used when making your DIY bath oil. Here is an assortment of essential oil suggestions that can be used in bath oil. Whether you are creating a relaxing bath, a de-stressing bath, a bath to soothe sore muscles, these essential oils should provide the support you are looking to achieve. 

Lavender Essential oil - Lavender essential oil is wonderful as a soothing essential oil for minor sunburns, itchy skin, and irritations as well as an essential oil that is very relaxing and can help you de- stress and fall asleep at night. Its would be perfect to add to a bath oil before bedtime to help the body relax and prepare for sleep. 

Geranium Essential oil - Geranium is known as the poor man’s rose oil. The benefits of this essential oil in your DIY bath oil would be to reduce inflammation of the body, soothe aches and pains from overused muscles and promote healthy emotional health from stress, anxiety, and sadness. 

Clary Sage Essential Oil - Clary sage essential oil can be very helpful for women who tend to experience the symptoms of PMS on a monthly cycle. Soothing and can lower blood pressure and stress. Relaxes the body. Can help with pain or cramps from a menstrual cycle in some women. 

Peppermint essential oil - Peppermint essential oil can help when you have an upset stomach or suffering from digestive issues. Also can be helpful if you have allergies and headaches. Soothing for sore tired muscles and overworked body. 

rel="nofollow"Frankincense essential oil - very grounding essential oil, can help with the emotional balance of support feelings of overwhelm, stress anxiety and sadness. Frankincense essential oil is also wonderful for skin care routines, helping fight the signs of aging, wrinkles and small cuts and scrapes. Also can help with reducing the appearance of scars. 

Wild Orange essential oil  - wild orange is a fresh scent and can increase happiness, and energy levels. Perfect for a morning shower or morning bath on a leisurely day

Create these blends of DIY bath oil for yourself or as a gift

Total Relaxation Bath Oil

Sore Muscle Bath Oil

Reenergize Bath Oil

Healthy Skin Bath Oil

How to use your DIY bath oil and a few precautions

Enjoy your DIY bath oil by drawing yourself a hot steamy bath and add in about 1 TBSP of your bath oil into the running water. Essential oils and water don’t mix well together so your bath oil will float on the top of the water surface. To help mix the bath oil into the water more, try adding your bath oil to some epsom salts  or some baking soda and than adding it to you bath water.  Precautions should be taken when exiting the bathtub as the bath oil may make your tub surface slippery.

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