Create Your Own DIY Essential Oil Diffuser With These Basic Supplies


Everyone wants a fresh, clean smelling home. This is exactly how I got started with essential oils. I wanted to replace the plug-in type air fresheners and spray can bathroom fresheners with something that was more natural and healthier for my family. My first purchase of essential oils I also purchased a cool mist diffuser, but that is an investment, and might not be the wise choice for every room in your home. Especially in the bathrooms where you may have limited plugs for a diffuser or counter space. So to solve that problem I have 7 simple DIY essential oil diffusers you can create yourself with basic supplies you may already have around your home.

Lets can started creating your own DIY essential oil diffuser

Create your own DIY Reed Essential Oil Diffuser

This is a really simple basic essential oil diffuser that only requires some wooden reeds and a glass jar. There are a variety of bases you can use for your reeds. Here is a list of some of the supplies you will need to make this essential oil diffuser

Using water as the base for your DIY Reed essential oil Diffuser

    Water amount will vary depending on the size of jar you have chosen to make your essential oil diffuser from. Fill your jar with half water.

Take ½ TBSP on baking soda and add 10-15 drops of essential oils to the baking soda. Because oil and water don’t mix well the baking soda will be your mixing agent. 

Then add your baking soda to your glass jar with the water and stir the baking soda and water until combined.

Add in 8-10 reed and place your essential oil diffuser in the room of your choice in your home. 

Using coconut oil to make your essential oil diffuser

Depending on the size of jar you have chosen for your essential oil diffuser, fill this jar halfway with coconut oil.

Add in your essential oils, about 10-15 drops, again you can vary this amount depending on the size of the jar and how strong you would like the scent.

Add your reeds and enjoy the beautiful natural essential oil diffuser.

Rotate your reeds every few days when needed to keep the scent going. 

Idea #2

Create your own DIY Rice Essential Oil Diffuser

This one is very simple to create and is perfect for hiding behind picture frames in your home, in sock drawers, on coat hangers in the closet, this could even go in your car. You simply need 3 items to make this DIY essential oil diffuser with rice.

Add 10-15 drops of essential oils of your choice to the rice and mix with a spoon. Fill your organza bags with the rice and hide them in your home for a soft light refreshing smell. 

Idea #3

Add a little romance to your home decor with this DIY candle essential oil diffuser.

I love this idea for the patio in the summertime or turn a regular weeknight dinner into a romantic setting with this essential oil diffuser with candles.  This one you’ll need a few things you probably already have on hand to make this DIY essential oil diffuser.  

Gather a large glass bowl for your centerpiece. I add seashells our family collected while we were on vacation on Florida. You can choose your own decor items. 

Mix 30-40 drops of essential oils with 3 TBSP of baking soda.

Then mix your baking soda with 1 liter of water and add to your decor bowl.

Add some floating candles and you have a beautiful centerpiece for your patio or dining room table with the benefits of wonderful smelling essential oils 

Idea #4

Bathroom toilet paper roll essential oil diffuser

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Next time you change the roll of your toilet paper, Add a few drops of essential oil to the inside of the toilet paper roll . Every time it is in use and being spun around a burst of the fresh scent will invade your bathroom I think this is the easiest DIY essential oil diffuser hack there is.

Idea #5

The clothespin DIY essential oil diffuser.

This is another very easy DIY diffuser idea and it works for car vents, your household vents, furnace filters, etc. Really you can use this idea anywhere you can pinch a clothespin too.  This essential oil diffuser is as simple as grabbing some wooden clothespins and adding your favorite essential oils to the cloth pin and spreading them throughout your house. 

Idea #6

Essential oil diffuser with pinecones and salt

This is a centerpiece I made for Thanksgiving. I added essential oils to the salt and the pinecones to diffuse the essential oils while our family enjoyed their meal. You could do these for any holiday season and decor.

Idea #7

Hot steam essential oil diffuser

This DIY hack for an essential oil diffuser works wonders when you are ill and not feeling like doing much of anything at all. If you have some stuffy nose symptoms and try adding some eucalyptus essential oil and peppermint essential oil to a mug of hot water. Breath in the steam and enjoy the benefits of the essential oils. 

If your not creative and don’t want to make your own essential oil diffuser here are some ideas

The Isagenix cool mist essential oil diffuser is one of my favorites. I actually have 2 of these diffusers in our home. The feature I like most about this essential oil diffuser is the 12 hour feature. This essential oils diffuser will run for 12 hours, it automatically runs for 2 mins and turns off for 2 minutes. I use this feature a lot of my living room with the defenshield essential oil to kill germs that are floating in the air from cold and cough season. I also have this feature going in our bedroom so we receive the benefits of essential oils all night long, keeping us in a night of comfortable deep sleep.

The other diffuser that gets a lot of use by our family is this USB car essential oil diffuser

We purchased this off amazon for our road trip to Florida. We used Peppermint essential oil  in it to keep us awake and alert while we were driving and towing our RV.

We also use it alot in our RV because we can plug it into a portable battery pack when we are camping without electric hook up and still enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

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