How To Use These Energizing Essential Oil Blends To Give You A Burst Of Energy

It may surprise you to find energizing essential oils, most people who have little knowledge of essential oils just think they smell nice or you use them to relax and rejuvenate yourself. There is a whole other world of essential oils that includes Homemade household cleaners , Essential oils for allergies and skin conditions and even essential oils that can help with emotional support and health. This article on energizing essential oils will be a part of the category of how essentials oils support our emotions .


How Energizing essential oils can have an effect on your mood and emotions

I have several customers, friends etc that ask for my advice on energizing essential oils they can buy to add to their diffuser or make a roller bottle blend out of. One of the many reasons why I love essential oils as they are totally personal and versatile and 1 essential oil that works wonders for 1 person may not have the same effect on another but I think it's really important to have a conversation with the customer about what “energizing” means to them and what result they are trying to achieve.

Are they looking for an energizing essential oil before a workout? When they first wake up in the morning to get their day started? At 3 pm when they are cravings sugar to keep going throughout the day? These are definitely questions to ask and there really is a whole cycle of that could be having a domino effect.

Not sleeping well in the evening and getting the rest your body needs may result in waking up and feeling like you have no energy at all to even start your day. With the help of essential oils, I could suggest some essential oils that may work really well in yourdiffuser before bed, or as a room spray to help set the tone of your body to have a better nights rest that may result in waking with more energy.

If you're hitting a 3 pm sugar craving to keep you going throughout the afternoon or your hitting a brain fog at work and can’t concentrate, you may be looking for an energizing essential oil blend to give you some energy but you may also need something for stress? It could be possible you are working on a large project at work or you could be a student that is studying and overwhelmed at school so you're looking for energy support from essential oils. Fortunately, there are so many essential oils to help with focus, concentration, and stress and they can also be energizing.

5 Simple blends of energizing essential oils you can create for your diffuser or roller bottle

Life is busy enough, that we don’t need to make essential oils confusing and seem like more work, we just want the results from the essential oils without the work involved. And I know one wants to carry around 50 bottles of in their purse (check out my storage solutions here)

So creating really simple recipes for energizing essential oils was the direction I was taking for this blog article. You’ll find that these energizing essential oil blends only take 2-3 essential oils at the most.  I’m going to include the number of drops of essential oils you’ll want to use in your diffuser as well as the number of essential oils you will want to add to a 10ml roller bottle so you can make these essential oil blends versatile for you.

A quick list (with links) of all the essential oils used in my recipes:

Wild Orange Essential oil

Peppermint Essential oil

Cedarwood Essential oil

Rosemary Essential oil  

Bergamot Essential oil

Lemongrass Essential oil

Lime Essential oil

Cinnamon Essential oil  

Grapefruit Essential oil

Ginger Essential oil

Spearmint essential oil

Energy Burst

Diffuser Blend

Roller Bottle Blend

Rise & Shine

Diffuser Blend

Roller Bottle Blend

Midday Slump

Diffuser Blend

Roller Bottle Blend

Hot and Spicy Wake-up Call

Diffuser Blend

Roller Bottle Blend

Go Wild

Diffuser Blend

Roller Bottle Blend

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