5 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends For Spring

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After a long Canadian winter, I'm craving the scents of spring.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons, Its a time of new growth, seeing the gardens grow, the snow melts and the green grass starts to peak out.

These 5 essential oil diffuser blends remind me of spring and I love that I can use natural products like essential oils to add scent to my home and I personally find essential oils very uplifting to my mood.

Check out these recipe cards I've created and don't forget to pin them to your Pinterest board for future reference.

New Life Essential oil diffuser blend

Spring is a time for new life.

Birds are building nests and laying eggs, new buds start to come out on the trees, the grass starts to grow again and turn green.

The flowers start to bloom from the garden and the bugs come back. ( well that might not be a positive thing)

I love these 3 essential oils, they really awaken my spirit and that's why I've called them the new life essential oil blend.

4 Drops Wild Orange Essential Oil

3 Drops of Ginger Essential Oil

2 Drops of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Why this Essential oil diffuser blend is beneficial to you.

Wild Orange essential oil is an uplifting and renewing scent that is perfect for this new life diffuser blend.

I also find wild orange essential oil to be energizing and I really enjoy this scent first thing in the morning.

The ginger essential oil is a root that is steam distilled is commonly used as a way to settle an uneasy stomach.

But Ginger essential oils also has some emotional balance properties when used aromatically in your diffuser.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is steam distilled from flowers and mixes perfectly with the wild orange and ginger oils in this diffuser blend.

Morning Sun Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Do you ever wake up just to watch the sunrise?

Sometimes the smallest things in life can give us the most pleasure.

Every day I find miracles and evidence of natures beauty.

I love to watch the sunrise and see the beautiful shades of pink, orange, yellow in the sky.

Sitting out on the porch with a warm shawl wrapped around my shoulders, a fresh cup of coffee held up in my hands.

This essential oil diffuser blend isn't going to replace that beautiful morning sunrise, but it definitely will put you in a sunshiny mood and uplift your spirits.

2 Drops Bergamot Essential Oil

4 Drops Orange Essential Oil

2 Drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Why this Essential oil diffuser blend is beneficial to you, Bergamot essential oils is part of the citrus family of essential oils and is a wonderful essential oil for stress and emotions when it is diffused.

Perfect for starting your day off on a positive emotional note.

Being as Bergamot essential oil is a citrus oil, it pairs very well with the orange essential oil which is so versatile but diffusing the orange essential oil in the morning can support insomnia and stress as well as assist you with concentration and focus early in the morning.

Finishing off this essential oil diffuser blend is Ylang Ylang, a beautiful floral aroma.

If you are experiencing any hormonal emotions or just feel out of balance with your hormones Ylang Ylang essential oil is a very supportive oil and can also be added to a roller bottle and worn as a perfume.

Spring Flowers Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

I'll be the very first to tell you, I do not have a green thumb.

But my husband does and we do have some beautiful gardens in our backyard and front yard.

I, on the other hand, are more of an indoor plant gardener, I personally just can't stand the weeds that come up in the garden.

But I do love walking around the yard and spotting all the budding flowers coming out of the ground and I do love the different colors and variety of spring flowers.

This spring flowers essential oil diffuser blend is perfect and it also really reminds me of my aunts orange trees in Florida.

1 Drop Lemon Essential Oil

1 Drop Wild Orange Essential Oil

1 Drop Grapefruit Essential Oil

1 Drop Lime Essential Oil

Why this Essential oil diffuser blend is beneficial to you, Lemon essential oil is a very invigorating blend.

It tingles my nose and awakes the senses.

Wild Orange was first recognized for the value of the peel for treating colds and coughs so this is a perfect essential oil to have in the springtime if you have the sniffles.

Grapefruit essential oil I use almost every day in a veggie capsule to support my body to detox but it is also fantastic in this diffuser with these other oils as a fresh inviting aroma in your home.

The lime essential oil is used for exhaustion and depression.

It is very energizing and purifying and a great additional oil for this diffuser blend.

Fresh Citrus essential oil diffuser blends

Keeping with the Idea of my Aunts house in Florida.

She has so many citrus trees on her property.

As a child, we usually would leave Ontario in February to travel to the sunshine state to defrost a bit from the Canadian winter and I loved to pick oranges and grapefruits from the trees and eat them for breakfast.

There is nothing that can compare to eating a freshly picked juicy orange right off the tree.

Whenever I put citrus essential oils in my diffuser it does remind me of these childhood memories.

So here is another spring essential oil diffuser blend for you to try called the fresh citrus blend.

1 Drop Lime Essential Oil

1 Drop Grapefruit Essential Oil

2 Drops Geranium Essential Oil

This essential oil diffuser blend is perfect for mid-winter when you don't have the windows open and fresh air coming throughout the house.

A Purifying blend of these essential oils to freshen up the air you are breathing in throughout the day.

Lime Essential oils are antibacterial and a detoxifier so perfect for the air.

Grapefruit essential oil is also a purifier and can assist with detoxification when taken internally or rubbed on the bottoms of your feet with coconut oil as the application oil .

The geranium essential oil is stabilizing and perfect to round out this diffuser blend for emotional support.

Spring Rain Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

April Showers bring May Flowers, Or at least that's what I'm always saying.

Have you ever taken the time to really smell the air after a spring rain shower? It really does have a unique clean, fresh smell.

I can't really describe it to you but its just another one of those beautiful things that nature does so well.

Sometimes with life being so busy, work, school, dance classes, baseball games, we forget to take the time to pause and really see the beauty that is all around us.

but when we do take the time to slow down, catch our breath and take in our surroundings they can really take your breath away.

Here is a simple diffuser blend that only requires 2 essential oils.

I love vetiver essential oil as its very grounding and I always reach for this one when I need to take a moment to pause and just be.

4 Drops Vetiver Essential Oil

3 Drops Lemon Essential Oil

Vetiver essential oils is an essential oil I will use during my guided meditations and has a very grounding emotional effect for me and allows me to focus and improves my concentration.

Many people with ADHD have said to have found this essential oil very helpful for focus and attention.

It also pairs very well with the lemon essential oil giving an uplifting and energizing aroma when being diffused.

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