Why you need these 15 essential oil spray recipes

Essential oil spray recipes everyone should try! What if I told you, creating your own essential oil spray recipes for your health and beauty routine, your house cleaning routine and your outdoor lifestyle would save you money and improve your health, Would you be Interested?

These 15 essential oil spray recipes I’m about to share with you have been broken down into 3 categories. Each recipe needs a minimal amount of supplies or ingredients, The bottles are reusable which is great for the environments and the products are natural and pure, helping support your health and reduce your exposure to chemicals. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Essential oil spray recipes

Let’s gather some of the essential supplies to make a number of these essential oil spray bottles.

Essential oil spray recipes for your health and beauty routine

#1 Essential oil Sleep Spray  recipe

Who could not benefit from a little extra sleep? This essential oil spray is perfect for your pillow, Lightly mist your pillow right before you go to bed. Also great to make in a travel size spray bottle. To make this essential oil spray recipe you will need

Step #1 – mix your essential oils with your witch hazel in your glass spray bottle

Step #2 – Fill your glass bottle to the top with distilled water and shake gently


 Essential oil spray Recipe #2

Essential oil body spray recipe

Many public places like hospitals, offices, schools, and childcare centers are now scent free. That doesn’t mean you have to smell bad. Try using 100 % pure essential oils as a body spray and I’m sure you will find the scent is very light and more than likely won’t be a bother to anyone in these scent-free environments. The possibilities for essential oils in your own body spray is endless and really any combinations would work well for this recipe. So I’m going to suggest the one I made for my preteen daughter.  For this essential oil body spray recipe, you will need to gather

Step #1 – mix your essential oils with your witch hazel in your glass spray bottle

Step #2 – Fill your glass bottle to the top with distilled water and shake gently


Essential oil spray Recipe #3

Essential oil Hair detangler spray recipe

As many of you might be aware if you follow me on social media, Our daughter is on a competitive dance team. What that means for her hair is a lot of hair spray, glitter spray, gel, and some very fast costume and hair changes at dance competitions.  With thick curly hair, we get a lot of tangles, Marley also has a birthmark on the back of her head that makes brushing her hair very sensitive in this area. This is a great essential oil hair detangler spray that has worked for us and I encourage you to give it a try,

Step #1 – combine your essential oils and witch hazel in a glass spray bottle

Step #2 – add your jojoba oil and shake your bottle

Step #3 – spray a light mist on your hair and start to comb thru. If you run into the really tough tangle, add a bit more of your essential oil hair detangler directly to that knot and gently start to comb your hair again.

Note: Shake before each use

 Essential oil spray Recipe #4

Essential oil makeup setting spray

Have you ever felt like your makeup is melting off your face in the summer heat and just feel like saying screw it, I’m not wearing makeup? That’s how I felt last summer when we went to Florida for 3 weeks. I was sweating buckets while we were at Disney and the beach and every time I wiped my face the foundation just came right off. I felt this way until I discovered makeup setting spray and I like to know what I’m putting on my skin as I know it’s being absorbed and circulated throughout my body and so I wanted to see if I could create something with essential oils.

This essential oil makeup setting spray doesn’t use alcohol so it won’t dry out your skin.

Step #1- use a funnel to pour your Vegetable glycerin, witch hazel, and frankincense essential oil in your glass jar and stir.

Step #2 – fill to the top with rose water.

Essential oil spray Recipe #5

Essential oil head lice spray

If you have children in school or daycare, you probably have received a letter home at some point that a child in your son or daughters class has reported head lice. Although head lice don’t pose a health concern, the idea of little bugs crawling around on your head laying eggs is enough to give me the heebie-jeebies and those little suckers are a pain in the ass to get out of your child’s hair. It’s also embarrassing for the child when they have head lice. Lucky knock on wood, in my 20+  years of childcare, myself or my own children have never had head lice. For years, I used just tea tree essential oil in our shampoo and if there was a head lice report at school I added some behind the ears. But since I’ve become so absorbed with essential oil use,

Now that our daughter is a pre-teen she doesn’t like smelling like tea tree oil so I did some research on essential oils and head lice and I’ve come up with this essential oil head lice spray that she can wear every day that doesn’t smell bad ( she says tea tree oil smells bad) and also keeps the head lice away.

Step #1 – mix your essential oils and witch hazel together in a glass spray bottle

Step #2 – fill the rest of your bottle with distilled water and gently shake before each use

Step #3 – spray on hair before school in the morning and after school

Step #4 – don’t forget to still do regular head lice checks

Bonus idea this essential oils head lice spray can also be sprayed on backpacks, coats, hats, mittens etc.


Essential oil spray recipes for your house cleaning routine

Recipe #6

Essential oil room spray

Finding the perfect room spray could be a challenge. There are so many terrific smelling essential oils, it would be really hard for me to pick just one. I also use essential oils to support my moods so I change up the essential oils in my living room diffuser all the time. One place that I find I made the say essential oil room spray the most is for the bathroom. With home childcare, our main floor bathroom sees a lot of action each and every day, and frankly, that room can get pretty smelly. So I have a big 8-ounce spray bottle in there of this fresh essential oil room spray that really does the trick to get rid of the poop smell. Give this a try in your bathroom

Step #1 – Mix your essential oils and your rubbing alcohol together in the glass spray bottle

Step #2 – fill the spray bottle up with distilled water and gently shake together

Step #3 – spray the inside of the towel bowl before you have a poop, this will create a barrier for the smell.


Recipe #7

Essential oil Cleaning spray

This is a multi-purpose cleaning spray made with essential oils. It’s great when you want to wipe down your kitchen counter, a window sill, doorknob or your dining room table before a meal.  Because its a multi-purpose cleaning spray, I made a big 8-ounce spray bottle and keep it handing under the kitchen sink.

Step #1 using a funnel add your white vinegar and essential oils to your glass bottle

Step #2 – fill the remainder of the bottle up with distilled water


Recipe #8

Homemade Essential oil febreeze spray

This is a great way to reduce the odors in your home with this homemade febreeze copy cat recipe. You can use this on your sofa, curtains, carpets or mist in the air for a fresh scent.  To make your own homemade essential oil febreeze spray you will need

Steps #1- choose what you prefer to use, rubbing alcohol or witch hazel and pour it into your glass bottle using a funnel.

Step #2 – add your essential oil of choice

Step #3 – fill the remaining amount of bottle space with distilled water and shake together


Recipe #9

Mold and Mildew essential oil spray

This is a handy little spray bottle we keep in our bathroom to spray down the tile shower with. It’s great for cleaning mold and mildew from your shower grout with a bit of elbow grease, or as a preventive measure in keeping your shower tiles clean and sparkly.  Normally I suggest using glass bottles in all my essential oil spray recipes but for this one, I am suggesting a plastic bottle. My reason for doing this is if you keep this in your shower for handy use and you use it with wet hands and accidentally drop it, know one wants to be naked in a shower full of broken glass, so my suggestion for this mold and mildew spray is to use a plastic bottle.

Step #1- add your white vinegar and your essential oils to your plastic spray bottle

Step #2- fill with distilled water

Step 3 – spray down your shower tiles after each use.


Recipe #10

Essential oil window cleaner spray recipe.

I know this may seem not quite right for you to clean your windows with essential oil? You’re probably thinking you won’t get that streak free, clear window clean you are looking for but I promise you with this spray recipe you will have crystal clear windows.  The purpose of the essential oils in this spray recipe is really to cover up some of the vinegar scents. Nothing cleans a window like vinegar and newspaper. So to whip up this essential oil window spray you will need

Steps #1 – Mix your white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a glass spray bottle

Step #2 – add in your cornstarch and mix until totally combined.

Step #3 – add in your essential oils

Step #4 – shake until everything has been mixed together well.

Step #5 – spray on your windows and whip clean with newspaper

Essential oil spray recipes for outdoor use

Recipe #11

Essential oil bug spray recipe

We are an RV Camping, loving family. We start our camping season in May and go all the way to the Canadian Thanksgiving in October. We spend the majority of our weekends traveling around to different campground in Ontario and the united states and we run into a lot of bugs. And I don’t like bugs. Spraying myself and my children with products like deet makes me nervous for our long term health and so I rely on our essential oils to keep those pesky bugs away. Here is a great DIY essential oil bug spray you can create.

Steps#1 – add all your essential oils to the glass spray bottle

Step #2 – top up with avocado oil or witch hazel

Step #3- shake well and apply to skin and clothes before heading outdoors

Step #4- reapply every few hours

Recipe #12

Essential oil ant hill spray

We have had some large ant hills in our gardens and I’ve tried a number of things to try to get rid of them in a natural way. Pouring boiling hot water over the ant hill, hubba bubba bubble gum. They always come back. I believe I have found some success with essential oils in the garden. Here is an essential oil spray that I’ve been spraying around the ant hill in my garden.

Really easy to make, just mix everything together in a glass bottle and spray around ant hill, several times a day until you don’t have ant’s any longer.


Recipe #13

Essential oil Spider Spray

I really don’t like spiders and with camping and being outside we have seen quite a few. Spiders are also attracted to propane for whatever reason and can really plug up your propane lines while camping. So I make sure that I keep a bottle of this essential oil spider spray in our RV. This is also good for indoor use if you have a spider that has crawled up your bathtub drain. To create your own DIY essential oil spider spray to keep those 8 legged insects away you will need

Step #1 – add your dish soap and your essential oils to the glass spray bottle

Step #2- fill your glass spray bottle with distilled water and gently shake.

Step #3- shake your essential oil spider spray bottle before each use.

Recipe #14

Essential oil Tick Spray

Whenever we go camping or hiking, I always make sure we are all covered with socks, long pants and I spray down our clothes with this homemade natural tick repellent.

Glass Spray Bottles ( I like these 2oz ones that fit into a backpack easily)

Witch Hazel ( I prefer this instead of water as a bonding liquid to the essential oils)

5 Drops of Peppermint Essential oil

4 Drops of Cedarwood Essential oil

4 Drops of Rose Geranium Essential oil

3 Drops of Lemongrass Essential oil

2 Drops of Lavender Essential oil

Recipe #15

Essential oil First Aid Spray

With 2 young kids, scrapes, cuts, and boo-boos are bound to happen. Whether they have fallen off of their scooter and scrapped a knee, cut their elbow climbing a tree, being prepared with a first aid kit is important. Of course, we always have an assortment of Barbie and superhero bandaids on hand but I like to be able to clean the cut with something that doesn’t sting and the kids don’t mind using. I find this combination of essential oils can be soothing for the skin as well as take care of the dirt or bacteria that the cut may have been exposed to.  To make your own Essential oil first aid spray you only need 3 ingredients so its really simple to make

Step #1 mix witch hazel and essential oil in a bottle and spray your cut or scrap. Gently pat dry with a clean sterile cloth.


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15 essential oil spray recipes you must try