How Do Essential Oils And Emotions Affect One Another?

In today's very busy and often stressful world we live in emotional balance may be hard to achieve. 
Let me share the link between what essential oils and emotions can help you to manage times when you are feeling overtired, stressed and in fight or flight survival mode or just need a bust in energy to power through a school project or an in-office presentation.

It’s amazing that a tiny little drop of pure essential oil can affect an individual's emotional state.

I’m also going to share with you how to use essential oils to support your emotional needs by topical application along with ways to diffuse essential oils for personal use. 


How can essential oils affect your emotions?

Feeling good is something we all want to feel. What is involved in feeling good? When your well rested you feel good, When you are happy and proud of a job well done, you feel good. When you are relaxed and spending time with friends and family you feel good.  But there are many situations that we don’t feel our best or feel good about. Stress is a huge emotion that many people feel. Stress emotion is a huge category that many other emotional words could fit under such as overwhelm, fear, anxiety, etc.  I’m sure these are all the emotions you can relate to and have felt at one point of your life or another.  

Essential oils when they are 100% pure oils are very helpful in supporting us with our emotions. 

Essential oils and emotions can be changed with only 1 drop of the right 100% pure essential oil. Our bodies are made up of millions of cells, all carrying hormones and chemicals throughout of bodies. When we receive bad news our brain signals our body to make emotional chemicals to make us feel sad or scared or upset.  Other functions in the body may change as well. Your heart may race, you may cry, you may sweat, our bodies are designed to protect us from dangers and the brain creates these chemicals responses. 

Essential oils have trillions of molecules inside 1 little drop of a 100% pure essential oils. When you use an essential oil by diffusing it or applying it topically to the body these molecules are breathed in or absorbed into the bloodstream and a chemical reaction occurs in the body

How to receive the fastest benefits of essential oils and emotions during unexpected life events?

What is the fastest way essential oils can support your emotions? Breathing essential oils in through your nose is the fastest way to support your emotional needs with essential oils.

Take your essential oil and place 1 or 2 drops in the palm of your hands and rub your hands together. Cup your hands around your nose and take in several very slow deep breaths. The essential oil scents will enter your nose and travel to the brain where your chemical emotions are being created. 

When you are aware of a big presentation at work, an upcoming exam at school or just a hectic day ahead of you. Wearing an essential oil diffuser necklaceor bracelet and having an ongoing aroma of essential oils with you all day is a great way for essential oils and emotions to work together continuously throughout the day to support your emotional health.

If your not a person that likes to wear a piece of jewelry you could also create a several different roller bottles designed for different emotional situations that may arise and keep them with you. I have a whole article on different roller bottles you can make with essential oils

Diffusing essential oils is a wonderful way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils throughout the day and adds a wonderful and pleasant scent to your home or office for not just you personal to enjoy but your family or co-workers to benefit from as well.

Other great ways to use essential oils for your emotions is to add a few drops of essential oils in a hot bath and enjoy a long hot soak in a tub.

You can also add these essential oils to a carrier oil such as coconut oil and have someone give you a relaxing massage with these oils

Which essential oils and emotions pair well together for support?

Lavender essential oil - eases anxiety and depression, supports restful sleep

Frankincense essential oil - helps improve memory, fights fatigue and is very grounding

Rose essential oil - Nervous and worry

Cinnamon Bark essential oil - boosts brain activity, helps improve blood circulation

Basil essential oil - helps support feelings of sadness and depression

Lemongrass essential oil - relieves headaches,, boosts energy.

Peppermint essential oil - respiratory problems, headache, nausea, and gives a boost in energy levels

Pink Grapefruit essential oil - naturally energizes and reduces stress and cravings.

Sweet Orange essential oil - relieves stress.

Black Pepper essential oil - Burnout and exhaustion

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends For Emotions

Bedtime Stories Essential oil diffuser blend for sleep

Calm like the river Essential oil diffuser blend for Grounding

Essential oil diffuser for Anger or Tension

Essential Oil Roller Bottles For Emotions

Energizer Bunny Roller bottle for Energy

Essential oils Roller Bottle for motivation

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