Essential Oils and their uses – Isagenix Essential Oil Collection.

How Essential oils and their uses can support your health and wellness goals. Isagenix has been the top of their game and leader in the health and wellness sector. Leading the way with Nutritional cleansing before it was “cool” to cleanse the toxins from our bodies.

Isagenix holds their products in very high standards, Only using the very best of natures resources and having their products tested by 3rd party companies helps to support their no-compromise policy and their new Isagenix essential oils line called Essence is no different.

The Essence Experience package is the complete collection of Single and Blended Oils Isagenix has released. This package is all you need to get started with adding Isagenix essential oils to your routine. Containing the Coconut application oil you can add a few drops of your oil to this Coconut oil and apply to the skin.  Also included is the Isagenix cool mist diffuser, This is perfect for any room in your home.

Essential Oils and their uses

Essential Oils and their uses:

DefenseShield™ – Can be used for boasting purifying properties and an invigorating aroma. Recommended for Ingestion.

TumBliss™ – is a very soothing blend and can be used by ingesting. You could pick up some empty veggie capsules at your locate natural food store and put a few drops in.

Fresh™- Is wonderful if you have a bit of a cold coming on. Place a few drops of this oil in your diffuser

Content™- This oil is said to support weight wellness. pair this with your Isagenix 30 day cleanse system. Recommended to be added to your shake or a glass of water.

Tea Tree – Probably best know to parents as it helps keep head lice away. but also can help with cold symptoms. Add this to your Diffuser if you have the sniffles coming on.

Eucalyptus – is very well known and in many cold and cough personal products. I personally like to add a few drops to a steamy bathtub and breath in the benefits of eucalyptus when I’m feeling sluggish and tense.

Frankincense- is amazing for skin health. If you have a cut, age spot or a sunburn, try mixing your Frankincense with your coconut application oil on your skin.

Lavender – makes me think of sweet dreams. A very relaxing and soothing essential oil. Can be used in your diffuser in your bedroom as you fall asleep,  or try adding it to your bath water as part of your bedtime routine.

Lemon – I love to diffuse Lemon in my home to help it smell clean and fresh

Peppermint – I also really like the smell of peppermint in my home. It’s also great for sore muscles and if you need a little boost of energy, place a few drops in your hands and inhale with some deep breaths.

Do you still have some questions about essential oils and their uses? or would like to know more about the Isagenix 30 day cleanse system?

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