Essential Oils Diffuser Blends For Sleep


Getting a good nights sleep and feeling rested is part of my own self-care routine that I find is a "must do".

I have several recipes of essential oil diffuser blends for sleep that I use depending on how my day went, how tired I feel or if I am traveling.

Yes, I even travel with my diffuser and essential oils.

I’m sure you have read that new mothers can expect to not sleep the first 6 years, and I can testify that is so true, Although our family's situation was rather unique. Our daughter was born 3 months premature, so the first 4 months of her life I spent sitting in the Nicu, never really sleeping and also on the edge when I heard one of her monitors go off. Followed by going home as a new mother with a preemie on home oxygen. I was up constantly making sure her oxygen tubes had not been pinched and was still breathing. I felt like I never slept.

18 months later we had our son. So my lack of sleep continued for a few more years with a breastfeeding baby every few hours and a very active toddler throughout the day. The first 5 years of my children's lives are a bit of a blur and I definitely was suffering from the lack of sleep. I actually started to drink coffee for the first time when my son was born to stay awake.

It wasn’t until after this stage in my motherhood journey that I was introduced to essential oils. It didn’t take long before I was addicted to learning everything I could about essential oils and how I could use them in my life for different situations. Creating Essential oils diffuser blends for sleep has been so much fun and I love how essential oils can get my creative juices flowing.

18 Essential oils for sleep

Like I mentioned before, I love to play with essential oil blends and create blends that work for my moods or emotions. Both our kids have a diffuser in their bedrooms and can choose which oils they would like to sleep with.

Here are 15 of my go-to essential oils for sleep that I keep on hand and find I pick up on a regular basis.

I hope you find these essential oils for sleep helpful and you’ll be drifting off to dream land each night and waking up rested and ready for your day ahead.

Lemongrass - Lemongrass essential oil is created by steam distilling the leaves. It has been used for a number of years in the pharmaceutical industry. Lemongrass essential oils can also add extra flavor to your cooking as well as being helpful for bladder infections and digestive issues as well as emotionally for sleep if your emotions have been running high.

Orange  - orange essential oil is cold pressed from the rind to make a 100% pure essential oil. Orange essential oil is helpful for insomnia and stress which makes it a good choice in many of our essential oil diffuser blends for sleep.

Lavender - Everyone is familiar with lavender helping for sleep. To create this oil the flowers are steam distilled. Lavender essential oil can also help if you are a person that grinds their teeth while you sleep and its very relaxing and soothing.

Frankincense - Frankincense essential oil is one of my go to for everything. Its very grounding and brings me back to focus when I get overwhelmed To create this powerful essential oil the resin is steam distilled.

Marjoram - Marjoram essential oil takes the leaves and steam distilled them to capture the essential oil. This Marjoram essential oil is very helpful if you have a young child that struggles with the symptoms of croup or Bronchitis. Not only could you diffuse this but I’d recommend adding some coconut application oil to the essential oil and rubbing on the back of the neck.

Sandalwood - Sandalwood essential oil is a wonderful essential oil for calming and relaxing properties. It's a great oil for a natural woody scent.

Lemon - Lemon essential oil is cold pressed from the rind. It has a fresh and awakening scent and is great to help clear the mind before sleep.

Cedarwood - Cedarwood essential oils are steam distilled from the wood to extract the essential oil. Its a very natural smell and can help with grounding and focus before bedtime. If your mind tends to not stop thinking before bed this is a really good essential oil to add to your diffuser.

Fennel - Fennel is a seed that is distilled to create an essential oil. It is a very calming essential oil and is wonderful to use topically for colic in babies.

Patchouli -  Patchouli oil is a versatile oil and can be useful for so many things. If you experience anxiety at all that prevents you from sleeping, I would suggest Patchouli essential oil in your diffuser before bed.

Vetiver - This is one of my favorites. I really love the manly, woody's smell and its great for gaining control over your emotions during a situation. Also very useful in a roller bottle for those new mums who may be experiencing postpartum depression.

Juniper Berry - Juniper berry is a real berry that is steam distilled to create this essential oil. It has a power house of benefits when it comes to emotional well being. It can support you during bouts of depression, stress, and tension.

Bergamot- Bergamot essential oil is a wonderful oil if you having trouble with self-esteem, worthiness or worry and can help with insomnia.

Chamomile - you're probably familiar with this as a tea before bedtime for sleep, it also is wonderful to add to your diffuser before bedtime for a peaceful sleep.

Clary Sage - Clary Sage essential oil is used for many female health and wellness products. It is helpful for emotional balance and PMS mood swings.

Copaiba - This wonderful fragrance when placed in your diffuser can put you in a restful frame of mind and reduce any feelings of anxiety and stress that you may be feeling.

Lime - Lime essential oil may surprise you with the benefits it has for sleep. Have you ever felt so exhausted and drained in your body but still can’t sleep. Lime essential oil when diffused can elevate your feelings of happiness and help your emotional and mentally slow down and fall asleep.

Peppermint - I find Peppermint oil to help with tension and allows me to take some deep breaths to relax and regain control over my emotions.

10 Recipe cards for essential oil diffuser blends for sleep

I love to use my cool mist diffuser as it has a 12-hour setting and it runs for 2 minutes and off for 2 minutes. This is perfect for starting 30 minutes before you are ready to go to bed for setting the atmosphere of sleeping and signaling your body it's time to wind down, and continuously diffuses all night.

1- Bedtime Stories

2- Calm like the river

3- Camping under the stars

4- Don’t set the Alarm

5-  Dream Catcher

6- Dream land

7- Good Night Moon

8-  midnight in the tropics

9- Sweet Slumber

10- Vivid Dreams

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