Essential oils for bath salts combinations

You could literally come up with hundreds of essential oils for bath salt combinations. Essential oils are amazing for their aromatherapy benefits as well as they just smell amazing. Becoming aware of some of the health and wellness benefits of essential oils could help you pair certain essential oils together to make the perfect blend for essential oils for your bath salt combinations to tackle any illness you may want to support. Essential oil bath salts can be used for sore muscles, tension and pain, stress, help with sleep and unwinding. 

Essential oils for bath salts combinations 1

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Hundreds of essential oils for bath salt combinations

What to use in a bath salts combinations. 

There are 4  basic ingredients that make this DIY project so simple and easy to do. All you are going to need for making bath salts with essential oils are the following items. 

Epsom salts save money by grabbing a large 19 pound bulk bag

Mediterranean Sea Salt, coarse

Baking Soda

Essential Oils

Depending on how much you are making at 1 time, whether it be several small gift jars like this or a large personal decorative jar for your bathroom. You will want to add about 1-2 cups of bath salts to your bath per use. 

Let’s take a bit closer look into the benefits of these essential oils for bath salt combinations and why using bath salts is a good idea for your wellness. 

Epsom salts provide the mineral magnesium to your bath water. By soaking your body in a warm bath with epsom talks you are helping to promote reduced stress of the body physically and mentally along with reducing pain and discomfort. 

Mediterranean Sea Salt, coarse is what I prefer to add to my bath. These sea salts are natural and come from the mediterranean sea. You can choose to use regular coarse sea salt but I prefer. Mediterranean Sea Salt, has many hydrating properties for skin health and although you may think of salt as drying out your skin, it actually does the opposite for you, helping you to retain moisture in your skin

Baking Soda you probably have this in your baking cabinet as it is a kitchen necessity for cooking and baking in many recipes. Baking soda is added to many toothpastes and has been known to help with odour, bacteria and sometimes it does support itchy skin conditions. You’ll also find baking soda in many detox bath salt recipes.

Step by step instructions on adding essential oils for bath salts

I’m making a large jar of essential oil bath salts for my own personal use. You may choose to double or triple this DIY bath salt recipe if you are making gifts or you may choose to half this recipe if you are unsure and just want to try a small batch of bath salts.

Gather the following ingredients to make your essential oils bath salts

4 Cups of Epsom salts 

1 Cup of Mediterranean Sea Salt, coarse

1.5 cups of Baking Soda

50 Drops of Essential Oils

See below for essential oil combinations for your bath salts

relaxing bath salts

Step #1- In a glass bowl add 4 Cups of Epsom salts

add epsom salt

Step # 2- Add in your 1 Cup of Mediterranean Sea Salt,

add sea salt

Step #3 – Add in your Essential Oils combination you have chosen bath salts into your baking soda

add essential oil

Step #4- Add in your 1.5 cups of Baking Soda with essential oils

Combine all ingredients until mixed well

add baking soda

Step #5- Fill your chosen jar with essential oil bath salts

These are so cute

add relaxing bath salts to a jar

Essential oils for bath salts combinations


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