Where do I start when using Essential oils for cleaning?

When your first starting out and learning about essential oils for cleaning you want to ensure you are using a high quality 100% pure essential oil.

My preferred brand of essential oils comes from this Isagenix essential oil pak.

A high-quality essential oil that is 100 % pure will be a high concentration of that specific oil and you will use far less of a 100% essential oil compared to an oil that has been altered and has other additives in the bottle.

Furthermore, if you are intending to use essential oils for cleanings I’m assuming you are looking to remove toxins from your home and live a more natural green lifestyle.

Top 3 essential oils for cleaning

I have three oils I always grab when I’m mixing up a batch of cleaning supplies, whether it be for bathtub scrub, stainless steel cleaner or a floor wash mixture. These essential oils for cleaning are a must have in my toolkit.

Lemon Oil: The fresh clean scent of Lemon oil is my personal favorite and makes me feel like I have a fresh clean home.

Tea tree Oil: Tea tree oil can also be used as an anti-fungal, antibacterial essential oil and I like to add this oil to all my cleaning supplies, especially during cold and flu season when little hands touch everything.

Defenshield Oil: I really like this Defenshield oil as it is a blend oil. It has several different essential oils in the mixture. It's a wonderfully unique blend of essential oils that can support immune health and I I love to use this oil in my all-purpose cleaners for wiping down, door handles, faucets, cabinet doors etc.

Here are a few of my go-to essential oil cleaners I always have on hand.

If you love these, and you're looking to expand more into cleaning with essential oils check out more Homemade cleaners.

Additional supplies you may find you need to create your own homemade cleaners:

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