Why I’m Using Essential Oils For Emotional Support


As you have probably read in many of my articles, I’m a busy mum to 2 pre-teen children now and I also run a fun, creative and very busy home daycare.

I choose to use essential oils for emotional support on a daily basis.

Different situations arise each day. Whether it's cold and flu season and I’m diffusing essential oils for immune support or I have a child that has an upset tummy and I’m using essential oils to help with nausea. 

Or, as of recently, it’s been a long, cold winter here in Ontario and we haven’t been outside much so emotions are running high, cabin fever is in full force.

Combined with the terrible twos, going on Essential oils are my go to.

Being the sole caring adult for 5 little ones and my, preteens before and after school can leave me needing additional emotional support throughout the day.

I’ll often be adding essential oils to my diffuser necklace or my aromatherapy bracelets.

How can essential oils help with emotional support?

Essential oils have been used for emotional support for a very long time, Aromatherapy as we now call it has really been a buzz topic because more people are looking for natural ways to support their health and wellness.

Individuals are choosing to avoid the pharmaceutical routine of health and looking for alternative methods such as essential oils.

For quick emotional support taking a deep breath in with some essential oils in your hands is a great way to receive the benefits.

You can also make essential oil inhalers by adding a few drops of your chosen essential oils to the cotton wick and keeping them close by in your purse or office drawer.

Another great option is to make your own roller bottles with essential oils for emotional support. 

These are easy to create and you can choose the essential oils that would best support you.

Here are 6 common emotions you may like to try essential oils to support

How to make essential oil roller bottle blends for emotional support

When making your roller bottles, it's important to use a high-quality application oil in your roller bottle blends. By ensuring you are using a product of high quality you will be saving money on your essential oils as they will spread further and you will also be helping to apply the essential oils for evenly throughout the area of your body.

It’s also just as important to mention that the essential oils that you are applying to your skin are being absorbed by your skin and going into your bloodstream and tissues, ensuring you are using an essential oil that is 100% pure, organic and therapeutic grade is very important to your health.

You’ll want the following items to create your roller bottle blends

  1. 10ML roller bottles
  2. Application oil, such as Coconut oil
  3. Pretty labels for your bottles

Step #1

Depending on the roller bottle blends recipe that you are following you will want to put 8 - 12 drops of essential oil in your 10ML bottle.(No More, you want to have a proper dilution of your essential oils)


If your roller bottle recipe has 2 essential oils listed, you would add 5 drops of each oil.

If your roller bottle recipe has 4 essential oils listed, you would add 2 drops of each oil.

Step #2

Fill the rest of your 10ML roller bottle with your chosen application oil and snap on your lid tightly.

Step #3

Add a label to your roller bottle blend.

5 essential oil for emotional support roller bottle recipes

Roller bottle blend for Worry

Roller bottle blend for Anxiety

Roller bottle blend for Stress

Roller bottle blend for Exhaustion

Roller bottle blend for Depression

Roller bottle blend for self esteem

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