How to make Essential oils for massage recipes in 2 easy steps

If you love creating your own DIY essential oil projects, you are going to love the simple and easy way you can use Essential oils for massage recipes to create a wide range of essential oil blends to meet your needs. 

Many people enjoy the benefits of seeing a massage therapist on a regular basis. Weather you have aches and pains from a repetitive job or you stand on your feet all day and suffer from sore hips, back and legs or if you are a bit like me and my health benefits over massage so I go for the more relaxing benefits. There is no doubt that massage is a wonderful experience. When you add the added benefits of aromatherapy with essential oils to your  massage experience you are going to be floating on cloud 9.

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Choosing a carrier oil to add in with your essential oils for massage recipes

I would guess that Coconut oil would be the go to oil for the majority of people as it is really well known as a carrier oil that works well with many essential oils.  Coconut oil is very light weight and absorbs quickly into the skin. You’ll find more brands of coconut oil are unscented so it doesn’t alter the aroma of the essential oils you add to it.

Apricot Kernel Oil is widely used carrier oil among massage therapist for the anti inflammatory properties that this carrier oil possessed. Many people who use the services of a massage therapist usually have some discomfort of some sort so this carrier oil is beneficial to the person receiving the message. Add in some of your favourite essential oils that benefit inflammation as well and you have an exceptional essential oil blend for massage. 

Jojoba oil is a carrier oil I really like to use on my skin for skin care routines. Its amazing for absorbing into the skin and not blogging your pores at all. It also helps to balance the skin if you have oily skin. This jojoba oil is also great if your skin gets really dry in the winter months as it is very moisturizing for the skin. 

How to choose the right essential oils for massage?

Essential oils have so many benefits you can use almost any in a massage oil recipe but there are a few things you may want to consider when choosing the right essential oils for massage.  Cost could be a factor when choosing an oil. I would always suggest using a high quality 100% pure essential oil, such as these. Essential oils are being absorbed into your skin so you want to use something that is natural and not filled with toxins and artificials chemicals.

Some essential oils can be very expensive due to the way they are extracted from the plant and the process that may be involved in harvesting that plant. Frankincense can be about $1 per drop and so this may not be an essential oil that you would choose to make your massage oil recipe with as it could become very costly. But you may choose to add 1-2 drops to your blend because Frankincense oil is very good for anti aging skin care. 

Aroma is another consideration you may have when choosing the right essential oils for your massage oil. Lavender essential oil is very relaxing and calming while peppermint essential oil can be invigorating and provide you with energy and zest. 

I like to make single use massage oils and customize my essential oils for my massage oils whenever I need to change things up.  I like to use these massage oil containers that have a handy pump on the top. 

Here are some suggestions of essential oils you may like to consider for your massage oil

Grow Ease essential oil – safe for kids and perfect for those growing pains.

Muscle aid– a prepared essential oils blend with a cooling effect on the skin for sore muscles after an intense workout

Lavender essential oil– a well knowing relaxing essential oil that can help to release tension and help with sleep.

peppermint essential oil – cooling to the skin and great for sore muscles or dull aches and pains

Eucalyptus essential oil is wonderful when you have congestion from a cold, flu or allergies

Cedarwood Essential oil is very earthy, woodsy scent and i find it relaxing and reminds me of camping.

Grapefruit essential oil is uplifting and if  you are feeling sad or wore out this can help invite feelings of happiness

Rosemary essential oil – Rosemary is great for respiratory support or boost memory retention. 

Lemongrass essential oil – boosts circulation in the body

Steps to follow to make your essential oils for massage oil

It really can’t get much more simple than these 2 steps

Choose your carrier oil and pour about 2 oz of this oil into your empty massage oil containers

Add in 12 drops total of your chosen essential oils for your massage oil recipe and shake together to blend

5 essential oil blends for massage recipes to create

Relaxing Spa 

Essential oils for massage recipes

Apricot Kernel Oil

Cedarwood Essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil


Growing Pains Essential oil massage oil

Coconut oil

Grow Ease essential oil

Lemongrass essential oil


Deep Muscle Tension 

Essential oils for massage recipes

Apricot Kernel Oil

Muscle aid essential oil

peppermint essential oil


Couples Date Night Essential oils for massage recipes

Coconut oil

Lavender essential oil

peppermint essential oil

Cassia essential oil

Only use one drop of Cassia essential oil on your skin as it is very warm feeling to the skin.


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