Can Diffusing Essential Oils For Moods Really Help?


How can some Essential Oils being diffused really help with your mood? Essential oils have been used for health and wellness for centuries, using essential oils for moods is part of your emotional health and they definitely can help.

Essential oils provide a natural way to improve your mood, There are endless possibilities where you are feeling sad, stressed, restless, needing some sleep or feeling jet lagged and need an energy boost we have the essential oils to achieve just the mood boost you need.

Top 15 Essential Oils for mood support

  • Lavender Essential Oil - I believe Lavender oil is very well known.

    You’ll find lavender in many cosmetics and beauty products.

    Probably best known for its relaxing & calming flower scent and used to assist you in falling asleep.

    Lavender can also be a supportive Essential Oil in times of stress, when feeling overwhelmed, or when you experience some hormonal upsets.

  • Cedarwood Essential Oil - If you are having trouble keeping focus or staying on task.

    If you have a student who is studying for exams Or if you are a person who struggles with the effects of ADHD, Cedarwood Essential Oil can help soothe anxious feelings and bring more mental clarity and focus to the task at hand.

  • Bergamot Essential Oil - a fresh scent to support times of sadness, depression and emotional self-esteem and worthiness.

    This is an Essential Oil I could recommend in a roller bottle and applied topically when you're in need of emotional support.

  • Frankincense Essential Oil - When in doubt, grab Frank, I use frankincense Essential Oil almost every day for so many reasons.

    But in terms of Frankincense essential oils for mood support, this is a very grounding essential oil, If you are needing to have more of a stable emotional state, require focus and calmness, inhaling frankincense essential oil is also excellent for meditation.

  • Grapefruit Essential Oil - a wonderful citrus scent, This Essential Oil can be taken internally or used topically.

    It can be helpful when you are struggling with emotional eating and sugar cravings.

    It is also such a refreshing scent it can help energize you and wake you up if you are feeling sleepy or run down.

  • Lime Essential Oil - Another citrus Essential Oil that is refreshing and can provide support mental clarity, when you're overtired and exhausted.

    Lime is also an essential oil that just makes you smile and feel good.

  • Roman Chamomile Essential Oil - If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, or receive bad news and feel like your in shock, Roman chamomile is an Essential Oil to support these moods and emotions.

    Applying to the back of your neck or placing a few drops in your palms and taking a few deep breaths in should provide some support for settling your nerves.

  • Sandalwood Essential Oil - another favorite for bringing peace and calm. This Essential Oil is perfect to diffuse during a hot yoga session, a meditation or before bed as a very relaxing atmosphere

  • Thyme Essential Oil - a very earthy and natural scent. A very effective Essential Oil for concentration and memory as well as alertness.

    I would say this is a great one along with peppermint if you are driving long distances or at nighttime and tend to get sleepy as it also combats fatigue

  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - This is a good Essential Oil if you have a child that is afraid to sleep.

    This essential oil is helpful for fear, anxiety, and stress.

    Apply with coconut application oil as part of a back rub to help your child fall asleep.

    Could also be used in a diffuser.

  • Peppermint Essential Oils - an Essential Oil that is wonderful for alertness and freshening.

    A great oil to use after a hangover or a restless night of sleep to wake you up and give you the alertness and energy you need to carry on your daily routine

  • Juniper Berry Essential Oil - a very resourceful Essential Oil during times of sadness and tension. Also can be used in times of doubtfulness to help with clarity and insight into emotional situations.

    An example of such a situation would be an unexpected death of a loved one.

  • Melissa Essential Oil - is a beautiful floral scent and could be used as a perfume for women.

    The benefits of using the Melissa Essential Oil for moods that range from shock or grief to light-hearted.

    If you are seeking understanding, love, and compassion, Melissa essential oil is something I would consider in a roller bottle or diffuser.

  • Myrrh Essential Oil - was mentioned in the bible as a gift to Christ.

    It is a very special Essential Oil that really blends well with Frankincense essential oil and sandalwood essential oil to bring security, peace, and harmony.

    It's a wonderful grounding blend and perfect for meditation or yoga.

  • Clary Sage Essential Oil - helps support women with PMS or menopause symptoms.

    Pair with peppermint Essential Oil in a misting bottle to help support hot flashes.

How to use Essential Oils for moods and emotional support?

The above list of 15 Essential Oils for moods is a wonderful collection of essential oils that can support a number of different emotions and situations that you will encounter in your life.

There are numerous combinations of these oils that can be created to make the perfect support system for you.

Through trial and error and discovering what works best for you, you will find the perfect combination.

To use these essential oils to support your moods and emotions I would suggest diffusing the essential oils in a cool mist diffuser or creating some emotional roller bottles that you can easily have ready and apply to your pulse points.

Another very popular way of receiving the benefits of Essential Oils are with diffuser necklaces or aromatherapy brackets.

Here are a few suggestions of Essential Oil blends you can create to support different emotional needs

Essential oil for a calming mood

Essential oils for Grieving

Essential oils for motivation

Essential oil for concentration & focus

Essential oils for Anger or tension

Essential oils for Energy

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