Essential Oils for your health.

Essential oils for your health and wellness routines and practices has been made simple and easy to understand by the new Isagenix essential oils line called Isagenix.

Isagenix has just released their new Essence line of essential oils that are 100 % pure oils and hold up to the same great company no-compromise standard as their 30 days Isagenix cleanse products.

What can you use the  Isagenix essential oils for?

Lets take a look at the 6 single essential oils

Lemon-  This is a fantastic oil for the Cold and Cough season. This essential oil can be used internally, either by putting in a veggie capsule or making a nice water cup of water and adding a few drops to create a warm tea.  This Lemon essential oil scent is refreshing and revitalizing,  You could also add this Lemon essential oil to your shake or ionix each day to aid in digestion health.

Lavender –  Probably when you hear of lavender you think sleeping peacefully like a baby. This essential oil is fantastic for your bedtime routine. You could add a few drops to the Isagenix cool mist diffuser beside your bed or place a few drops of lavender on your pillow before sleep.  Lavender is also great for children. Try placing a few drops in their nighttime bath to help at bedtime.  Lavender is great for calming nerves and relaxing so feel free to use during the day as well if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Eucalyptus –  A very well known essential oil during a cough and cold season. Eucalyptus is great for opening up your airway.  A few different ways you can use this oil. If you have a sore throat, rub directly on your neck and throat or use a carrier oil like the Isagenix coconut application oil.  Another use is creating a steamy bath and breathing in the oil.  Something you might not be aware of is Eucalyptus can be helpful if you have a headache. If you are just starting your 30 day cleanse and having some detox symptoms the eucalyptus oil may be very helpful to you.

Peppermint – Is a oil that can be taken internally to help with digestion. Try adding this peppermint oil to your ionix or your shakes in the morning. Also could be used as a warm tea on cleanse days. Fill a mug with warm water and add a few drops of peppermint to soothe an upset tummy.  Also great for those gym days when you have worked your muscles hard. Apply some Isagenix coconut oil and peppermint oil to your joints to ease discomfort.

Frankincense  –  has been used for hundreds of years. Is perfect for teenagers who are starting to have pimples and blemishes on their skin. Use with the Isagenix coconut carrier oil or as the pure oil and place it directly on your skin. Frankincense is great for overall skin health so give it a try on dark spots, cuts.

Tea Tree Oil –  If you’re a parent you hear tea tree oil and think of head lice prevention. Not only is it good for that but its a natural disinfectant can be used a cleaner in your home during the flu season.  Tea tree oil is also an antifungal oil so it works great in the laundry for those sweaty football uniforms.

What can you use 4 blends of Isagenix essential oils for?

 Defensesheild – has a wonderful blend of essential oils. This essential oil will be perfect for your cleanse days. It can help support the body during detox on those cleanse days. Put on your wrists to breath in and rub on your stomach and liver for support.

Fresh/Airway –  designed to support respiratory health. Can be applied directly to the skin or in the Isagenix cool mist diffuser and children can benefit from this Essential oil as well.

Content: Can help support your weight wellness goals. Using during a cleanse day or a shake day. If you are starting to feel a bit of hunger put on your stomach and your wrist and breath in the scent.  you can also put this essential oil on the soles of your feet.

Tumbliss –  Perfect for an upset stomach, rub this on your abdomen, soles of your feet and can be used on children when they are experiencing a bit of tummy discomfort as well.

Are you totally blown away how many uses you can use essential oils for?

If so get started on the Isagenix experience collection.  

You’ll receive the 6 single oils, 4 blends of oil, the coconut application oil, and the cool mist diffuser.

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