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Get Beach-Ready with These 5 Body Toning Exercises 

Summer is around the corner, so don’t get caught with your shirt on when the temperature raises! There’s still plenty of time to get your body beach ready and lose those pesky pounds. Certain body toning exercises can rev up your metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning machine. Add a healthy super nutrient diet to the mix, and you’re ready to hit the beach! 

So, here are the five best body toning exercises to get beach-ready within weeks: 


Whether your goal is to lose fat, get stronger, or gain endurance, burpees should be on your list. This exercise provides a full body workout while burning a ton of calories. It’s ideal for both cardio and strength training, leading to increased endurance and flexibility. Compared to steady state cardio, it burns up to 50 percent more fat



If you had to choose just one exercise to tone your arms, it should be the push-up. This bodyweight movement hits your biceps, triceps, chest, back, and shoulders at once. It also increases upper body strength and gets you rid of flabby arms. Experiment with different push-up variations, such as the diamond push-up, slider push-ups, Superman push-ups, or jackknife push-ups. 



One-Legged Deadlift 

This strength training exercise will leave your glutes and hamstrings burning. It’s perfect for those who want a round butt and toned legs. All you need is a kettlebell, two dumbbells, or any other weight, such a water bottle. After the first set, your legs will be on fire! Do one-legged deadlifts at least once a week to reap the benefits. 



Plie Squat

Touted as one of the best body toning exercises, the plie squat works your quads, glutes, and inner thighs. It can be done with or without weights and puts less stress on your back compared to traditional barbell squats. This movement also builds core strength and prepares your body for more advanced lifts, such as the front squat and deadlift. 



Mountain Climbers 

For a strong core and toned legs, add mountains climbers to your routine! This bodyweight exercise will shape your abs and quads, boost your endurance, and improve your balance. Due to its intense nature, it increases your metabolism and burns more calories than traditional cardio. 



What are your favorite body toning exercises? Share your tips below!







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