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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: Where Are the Calories Hidden?

Concerned about holiday weight gain? Want to stay fit year round? With discipline and planning, you can keep in shape during the holidays. 

The average person gains of five pounds during this time of the year. Some sources claim that it’s actually 7 to 10 pounds. Lack of exercise, stress, and heavy meals contribute to the dreadful holiday weight gain. Let’s see where the calories are hidden and what you can do about it:

Make Holiday Food Swaps 

Who says you must give up dessert to keep fit during the holiday season? A little creativity is all it takes to cut calories and maintain your figure. 

Simple food swaps, such as replacing cheese dips with hummus and ham with roast turkey, can save you hundreds of calories. 

For instance, you can swap cocktail peanuts for spicy roasted chickpeas. Shrimp with hot sauce is a healthy substitute for pigs in a blanket. Pumpkin pie has half the calories in pecan pie. 

Steer clear of any meals and snacks containing sugar, margarine, butter, white flour, and creamy sauces. If you’re the party host, make healthy substitutes. Cook cauliflower mash instead of potato mash, swap candied yams for sweet potatoes, and add stevia instead of sugar to your favorite desserts. 



Get Some Exercise

The holiday season isn’t an excuse to skip your workouts. No matter how much you have on your plate, you can squeeze fitness into your routine. The key is to be creative and seek fun ways to stay active. 

Sign up for a holiday race, go jogging in the morning, or do bodyweight exercises while watching TV. Start your day with a few minutes of yoga, light stretching, or push-ups. Remember that little exercise is better than none. 

Keeping your exercise routine will also help with holiday stress. When our stress levels are high we tend to eat and drink more than we normally would. 

Eat Protein for Breakfast

A high-protein breakfast will keep you full longer and rev up your metabolism. As a result, you’ll burn more calories and eat less throughout the day.

Even if you’re attending a party or dining out later, eat protein for breakfast. Keep having your Isagenix whey protein shakes, they are a healthy choice. It’s also a great idea if you are skipping lunch because you are having an earlier Christmas dinner to have a second shake 1 hour before the big meal. You won’t be starving for skipping lunch and you’ll be fueling your body with the best superfood nutrition.

Almond banana Isagenix Shake


Limit yourself to the holiday baking

Holiday baking is one of my favorite things to do. I absolutely love to bake and I know pretty much everything I make is loaded with butter, sugar and white flour. It all taste really good but a few dozen pieces of shortbread are going to go right to your ass.

Something strategies I use for when I am making chocolates, Squares or Cookies is to make them bite site.

No one needs a giant brownie, Magic Cookie square or a truffle. If you make your baking treats smaller. Yourself and your love ones still get to enjoy that holiday treat and taste the flavors but don’t eat hundreds of calories per treat. Also keeping the treats smaller and really taking the time to chew and enjoy the cookie or square.



Limit Liquid Calories

Eggnog, liquors, and cocktails are packed with empty calories. Long Island Iced Tea, for instance, boasts a whopping 780 calories! With 740 calories per serving, Margarita isn’t better either. Another common offender is Piña Colada, which delivers up to 644 calories. 

If you can’t ditch the alcohol, stick to red wine or champagne. Don’t exceed two servings per day. A few drinks can ruin months of hard work in the gym, so choose your booze wisely.



Only eat 1 serving

The holidays are filled with many gatherings with friends and family. These may be Brunches, Dinners or just cocktails. Never the less there is more socializing than normal. With this brings more opportunities to eat than our normal routine. Limiting yourself to 1 serving of Brunch, or Christmas dinner will help to keep your calories in check. Focus your plate on high protein foods and fiber foods  


Freezer meals and Tupperware

My last tip is Freezer meals and Tupperware.  I for one overcook and bake, You would think I’m feeding a army. This is a great opportunity to take your leftover Christmas dinner and fill pyrex dishes for future lunches and dinners. No one wants to cook the week after Christmas so you can enjoy the leftovers. 

Tupperware is another great thing. Send your guest home with some of the holiday baking you did so that it isn’t sitting around your house calling your name. 


I’d love to hear some of your tips for keeping the weight off during the holidays.

Please feel free to leave comments, and share with your friends.

Merry Christmas.