Why I love this cooling Spray with essential oils

Why we love these Disney cooling spray fans,

Our family LOVES Disney, We travel to Florida every year and we always have a visit to the most magical place on earth for several days. Last year we went on a 3-week road trip to Florida in July and the heat at Disney was pretty intense. I was very thankful I had my essential oils and could make this cooling spray while standing in a very long line for the 7 dwarfs mine train.

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cooling spray with essential oils

How to make your own cooling spray with essential oils

Imagine standing in a 2-hour line to ride the 7 dwarfs mine train in 100F weather. The kids were starting to get a little cranky from the heat of the day and drinking water was just not cutting it. An impulse purchase was the Disney spray bottle with a fan to cool down the kids. They were already loaded with cold water from the vendor. I always carry a mini essential oil travel kit with me for unexpected events such as a cut knee or motion sickness. I have the 10 staple essential oils and a few extra roller bottles so I can really blend and create anything I need with essential oils on the spot. So while we were at Disney, I added a few drops of peppermint essential oil and a little bit of Lavender essential oil to the Disney spray fans to cool us down but also to calm some impatient nerves of the kids while they waited for the ride. 

Its really simple to make your own cooling spray with essential oils and I created the above one on the fly but if you want to be a bit more prepared and make your homemade cooling spray with essential oils ahead of time I definitely would recommend using some witch hazel in your cooling spray to help the essential oils mix better. As oil and water don’t mix well at all the witch hazel does help.

Gather the following things to make your own homemade cooling spray with essential oils

Peppermint Essential Oils. I love Isagenix essential oils, but if you don’t have a membership this is also a brand I love that doesn’t require a membership and is 100% pure essential oils

Steps to creating your own Peppermint Essential oil Cooling Spray

Step #1-

Add about 1 oz of Witch Hazel to your misting bottle

adding witch hazel to cooling spray

Step #2 –

Add in a few drops of peppermint essential oil

Depending on the side of your bottle you may only need 2 drops of oil or 10, get creative and do what feels right to you

adding peppermint essential oils to cooling spray

Step #3 – Fill the remaining portion of your bottle with water.

I like to use distilled water in my DIY projects instead of tap water but again, your personal preference. 

how to make peppermint essential oil cooling spray

When to use your Essential oil Cooling Spray?

  • In the Garden
  • On a bike ride
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • At Disney
  • On a picnic ( lots of bugs also avoid peppermint essential oil)
  • Yoga
  • After a workout
  • At the beach
  • By the pool
  • Dancing at a nightclub
  • Hot flashes
  • The list is endless

How to use a Peppermint cooling spray on your body

When we were at Disney my kids just sprayed the peppermint cooling spray right on their face. I think they were having more fun with the little fan blowing on them. But if you seriously want to cool down really fast, I found the pulse points to benefit the most from the peppermint cooling spray. So misting on your face is fine, but for added benefit do the back of your neck and your wrists and ankles for a really quick cool down.

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