Why this Homemade shower cleaner is the power house

When we moved into our new home, I really wanted to do very deep cleaning from top to bottom. The shower doors were the toughest soap scum. After trying many products, this Homemade shower cleaner was definitely a lifesaver. The vinegar and dawn combined to cut through the soap scum and had my shower door sparkly in under an hour without having to scrub until my fingers were raw.

Homemade shower cleaner

How to use this Homemade shower cleaner

This is a shower cleaner that I prefer to make up as I need to clean the shower. When I’m using white vinegar I find the dish soap mixes with it much better if you heat up the vinegar in a microwave.

White vinegar has been a great natural cleaner for years. It’s perfect for cleaning windows, stainless steel, etc. If you would like to learn more about homemade cleaning products, check out this article I wrote a while ago.

Another ingredient you will use when making this homemade shower cleaner is dish soap. Any brand of dish soap that you have available will work. I’ve read many other blogs that mention Dawn dish soap. I currently have the Palmolive ultra oxy power dish soap here at my home and it has worked just as well on the soap scum and hard water stains.

Last but not least is 100% pure Essential oils. I use several different essential oils in my homemade cleaner. I like tea tree oil for its antibacterial properties and I also really like to add lemon essential oil to cover up some of the vinegar smell in the bathroom.

The best results I have found with this homemade shower cleaner is to let it sit on the shower door or shower tiles. With the dish soap mixed in the vinegar, it really sticks to the tiles and the door and goes to work on breaking up the scum and hard water stains.  I spray a heavy layer of the shower cleaner on everything and I let it do all the hard work for about 1 hour. I then return with a hot washcloth and whip everything down and rinse the shower down.

What you will need to make your own homemade shower cleaner

Steps #1 – Take 1 cup of white vinegar and warm this up in your microwave, this doesn’t need to boil, just be warm to hot. About 60-90 seconds depending on your microwave watts.

Step #2 – Take 1 cup of dish soap of your choosing and mix with your white vinegar, stirring gently with a spoon.

Step #3 – Add in 15 drops each of Tea tree essential oil and Lemon essential oils

Step #4- Spray down your shower and let sit 1 hour ( time will vary depending on the degree of soap scum build up)


BONUS: Mold and Mildew spray wtih essential oils

This is a handy little spray to keep in the bathroom for your shower tiles and door, in between those deep cleans. Spray down your shower after each use with this mold and mildew shower spray. It will help keep your shower tiles clean and prevent your grout from growing mildew.

Step #1- add your white vinegar and your essential oils to your plastic spray bottle

Step #2- fill with distilled water

Step 3 – spray down your shower tiles after each use.

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homemade shower cleaner
homemade shower cleaner
homemade shower cleaner