How to clean stainless steel with essential oils

I love the look of stainless steel, except from about 3 feet down my fridge is covered in toddler gooey fingerprints. Cleaning our home with the least amount of chemicals is important to me and the health of our family. so in this article, I’m going to show you how to clean stainless steel with essential oils. 

Stainless steel paste

To give your stainless steel a deep clean, give this paste a try. If your looking for just a daily wipe down solution for your stainless steel check out this recipe:

For the stainless steel paste, you will need.   how to clean stainless steel

A squeeze bottle

4 Tablespoons of cream of tartar powder

1 Tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide

5 Drops of Isagenix Defensesheild essential oil

Mix together in a small bowl with a whisk the cream of tartar powder, hydrogen peroxide and Defensesheild oil until all the clumps have been dissolved and you have a smooth paste.

Apply the stainless steel paste in a thick layer to the appliance you are cleaning and let the paste sit for about 30 mins. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. For really soiled or baked on dirt you may need to use some elbow grease to clean or apply the stainless steel paste a second time for a better clean.

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How to clean stainless steel with this essential oil paste

Why I used the Isagenix Defensesheild essential oil, I choose this oil for the blend of single essential oils have that been mixed together to create this powerful immune boosting blend.  The original intent for this essential oil is it is to be taken internally to support immune health but with the blend of Lemon oil, Eucalyptus oil, Frankincense oil, Rosemary oil, Clove oil, Cinnamon bark oil, I figure its a good germ buster for all those little toddler hands that are touching my fridge and dishwasher. 

Here are some before and after photos of the Stainless Steel Paste on my crockpot.

Before Photo

how to clean a stainless steel crockpot

After cleaning the left side only

DIY how to clean stainless steel

Before photo of the inside

Before photo- how to clean stainless steel with essential oils

after 2 applications of the stainless steel paste

after photo- how to cleanse stainless steel with essential oils

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how to clean stainless steel
how to clean stainless steel
how to clean stainless steel