How To Create Non Toxic Essential Oil Room Sprays


Looking for a way to freshen up the smell of my home was one of the first opportunities I had to be introduced to essential oils and my cool mist diffuser, and how to create essential oil room sprays.

After I had my 2 children I decided not to return to work as a childcare supervisor and start my own home-based childcare center.

This was a wonderful experience for me but changing 100 + diapers a week was living my home, on the smelly side of things and was really embarrassing.

Our daughter was also on home oxygen at the time and I was really concerned about using a traditional plug-in air freshener or candles with little kids around. 

Many people are becoming more environmentally caution & more educated on chemicals and toxins in their homes,  and the impact that these chemicals and artificial foods are having on our wellness. I personally have been taking the time to become more educated on chemicals and doing what I can to create my own homemade cleaning products with essential oils , and bug spray repellents and even including essential oils in my cooking.

How to create essential oil room sprays for under $5

Along with my journey of essential oil education, I have saved a ton of money on cleaning supplies. By using natural ingredients like vinegar, witch hazel, 100% pure essential oils and reusable glass bottles and cotton multi-purpose towels , I’ve been able to reduce our families impact on the environments and save money each month by making my own products. 

I’m going to show you 5 essential oils room sprays that I love to create, they cost me under $5 to make and they last quite a while depending on how often you use them. 

Items you will need to make your own essential oil room sprays are:

  1. Glass Spray bottles
  2. Witch Hazel
  3. USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils
  4. Distilled water

So there is a little trick here with the witch hazel and the water.  If you normally mixed essential oils and water to , they would not mix. The essential oils will sit on top of the water. By using the witch hazel as a substance that can grab on and hold the essential oils, and then adding the distilled water to your bottles, you will get an essential oil room spray that binds together and mixes together. 

As a general rule, I use 10 Drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of room spray.  An example of this would be if you have a 4-ounce glass jar, you will use about 40 drops of essential oils. You can customize this number to make your essential oil room spray as strong or light as you prefer. 

Step #1

With your glass spray bottle add 1 Tablespoon of your witch hazel to your jar.

Step #2

You will add your 100% pure essential oils to the jar with witch hazel and swirl them around to mix together

Remember the tip of 10 drops per ounce of room spray you are creating. 

Step #3

Fill the remainder of your glass jar up with distilled water. And shake your liquids together to create the spray.

Add a label and you're all set to use your room spray.

Shake your essential oil room spray before each you in case some separation occurs. 

5 essential oil room spray recipes I know you’ll enjoy:

Alone in forest essential oil room spray

Citrus Bliss Essential oil room spray

Autumn's Beauty Essential oil room spray

Day at the spa essential oil room spray

Harvest time Essential oil room spray

Why I choose these Essential oils for my room sprays

Orange essential oil  - Orange is a beautiful uplifting scent.

Cinnamon essential oil  - Cinnamon is a very warm and spicy essential oil.

Clove essential oil  - Clove is another warm and spicy scent that blends well with citrus essential oils

Lavender essential oil  - Lavender invites calm and relaxing aroma to the room. 

Eucalyptus essential oil  - Eucalyptus is a very fresh and clean essential oil. Great for use in a room spray in winter

Rosemary essential oil - I love this oil as it is very herby smelling and smells like I"m cooking something yummy.

Grapefruit essential oil - Citrus essential oils are some of my favorite scents for room sprays, fresh and clean scent

Lemon essential oil  - Lemon is very uplifting and fresh and makes everything seem bright and clean.

Pine essential Oil  - Pine is used in a number of household cleaners for its fresh clean scent and perfect for a room spray.

Cypress essential Oil  - Cypress is a natural smelling earthy essential oil. Reminds me of being in nature

Cedarwood essential Oil  - Cedarwood is another very essential oil that reminds be of being in nature.

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