How To Make Bath Bombs With Essential Oils


Since you have stumbled upon our article on how to make your own bath bombs with essential oils I probably don’t need to go into too much detail on why making your own bath bombs is a great idea.

You probably are already aware of the chemicals that commercial bath bombs can contain and your trying to reduce your exposure to toxins.

You may have sensitive skin and had a reaction to a bath bomb so you are curious to try making your own.

Or you even be a home childcare provider like myself and looking for a simple and easy bath bomb recipe with essential oils for your kids to make as a mother's day craft.

Whatever the reason I’m really glad you have found our article and I’m really excited to share with you several ways you can make your own bath bombs with essential oils and a few other surprises so let's get started.

Here is a list of things you will need to make your bath bombs

  • Baking Soda -  baking soda can help regulate PH levels in the skin and help it glow
  • Citric acid - Helps give your bath bomb the fizzie action they are known for
  • Epsom Salts - Adds magnesium to your bath water and helps sore tired muscles to relax
  • Coconut Oil - Helps to moisturize the skin
  • Witch Hazel - Helps to make the bath bomb ingredients stick together a bit like wet sand
  • Mica colouring is optional 
  • Essential Oils  ( recommendations further down on this article) 

Silicone molds or  metal bath bomb molds. 

How to make your bath bombs with essential oils in 5 easy steps

Step #1

Gather self-love glass bowls - one bowl will be for your wet ingredients and one will be for your dry ingredients. 

Step # 2

In your dry bowl you will add

Mix together and break up any clumps you might have

Step #3 - In your 2nd glass bowl you want to combine your wet ingredients. 

Step #4- VERY SLOWLY as you don’t want to cause a fizzy reaction, combine a few your wet ingredients with your dry ingredientsfavoriteand gently combine the 2 together with your fork.

Once your mixture is combined it should feel like damp sand that is moldable in your hand like you could make a sand castle with at the beach.

If your texture is more crumbles and isn’t holding its shape, you can use your witch hazel in a spray bottle and spritz a little bit of witch hazel into the mixture until it's just wet enough to form a shape

Step #5- Add your mixture to your bath bomb molds.

If you are using a silicone mold you will press the bath bomb mixture down and leave it in the self-care overnight.  These bath bombs might pop out a bit, you can keep pushing the mixture back in if you like.

If you are using a circular metal bath bomb mold you will want to overfill both sides of the circle and gently press the 2 circle halves together to make a bath bomb ball. The mixture should stick together, and you can take the bath bomb ball out of the mold and leave it on a soft bath towel overnight to dry completely.

What essential oil blends work well in home made bath bombs?

Essential oils provide a never-ending list of therapeutic benefits and taking a long hot bath is one of life's simplest pleasures.

I know for myself, to be able to take a 20-minute soak in a hot bath without being interrupted is a blessing and a definitely helps with a little self-love and self-care to make it extra special with a bath bomb with some of my favorite essential oil scents.

For a calming and relaxing  bath bomb, try adding some of these essential oils

For a sore achy muscles  bath bomb, try adding some of these essential oils

For a detox  bath bomb, try adding some of these essential oils

For a cold/flu  bath bomb, try adding some of these essential oils

Here are some of the bath bomb blends I have made with essential oils

Transport me to the beach bath bomb

Day at the Spa Bath Bomb

Cold and Flu Bath Bomb

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