How To Use Your Essential Oil Diffuser Like A Pro


Learning how to use your essential oil diffuser properly will help to ensure your products lasts for years to come.

A good quality essential oil diffuser is an investment and its important to know the different types of diffusers.

If you're new to essential oils and you have picked up a few essential oils and a diffuser to replace chemical-based air fresheners in your home, I applaud you.

That is exactly how I got started too, to get rid of the dirty diaper and dog smell in my home.

My love for essential oils has grown to be the creative outlet that I now use to create my own homemade cleaning products and roller bottle for first aid and emotional support.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years as alternative medicine in many cultures and the benefits of using 100% pure essential oils are full of endless possibilities.

Understanding when you are using a high-quality essential oil that is pure is very potent and a little bit of essential oil goes a long way.

Whether you are using that essential oil in a diffuser or on your skin with a carrier application oil.

How to use 2 most common essential oil diffusers

The water use essential oil diffuser

This type of essential oil diffuser uses water and its most common. You may also see this type of essential oil diffuser listed as a Cool Mist diffuser, UltraSonic Diffuser.

To use this essential oil diffuser you will add water and the machine will create a water mist to diffuser the essential oils into the air.

There are many different options available for this time of essential oil diffuser.

come in different sizes and water levels, They may have different timer settings that run continues for several hours or intermittently for different hourly settings.

You’ll also find that many have colored lights to enhance the mood.

This essential oil diffuser is available on Amazon and what I really like about this diffuser is that it has a safety setting that will prevent the diffuser from overheating.

essential oil diffuser has 4 settings and it will run continues all day for up to 13 hours which makes it perfect for an office setting, a patient waiting room, yoga studio or daycare or school classroom.

Add some calming essential oils and keep the atmosphere happy and calm all day long.

Heat source essential oil diffuser

There are a few different types of ways you can use a heat source essential oil diffuser, Some will use a candle as the heat source for the essential oil or you can choose one like this salt lamp diffuser that I have pictures here that plus into the wall and is a light or salt lamp and the heat from the light bulb will heat the essential oils and diffuse them into the air. These types of essential oil diffusers may be preferred as they are more quiet and you don’t have the sound from the water type diffusers.  Again I would like to stress the matter of using 100% pure essential oils. The heat from a candle or a light bulb may break down or separate the essential oils and especially if you are using synthetic essential oils you may not be aware of what you are heating up and putting into the air

Where to place your essential oil diffuser in your home.

If your just new to essential oils and only have one essential oil diffuser, I would encourage you to think of the benefits you would like to experience. Are you looking to achieve a better nights sleep and awake in the mornings refreshed and well rested? I would then suggest you use your essential oil diffuser in your bedroom on your night stand.

If your struggling to keep a calm and relaxed atmosphere in the mornings before everyone rushes off to work and school I may suggest the most common room in your home where your family gathers for breakfast such as in your dining room or kitchen area. 

Your overall goal of the mood you're trying to support will determine where best to locate your essential oil diffuser. 

In my personal case, I’m in love with essential oils and have experience so many benefits from the use of essential oils daily in our families routine. I have an essential oil diffuser in every bedroom as well as 1 in our front living room.

We also have an essential oil diffuser in a car and our RV when we go camping. Rarely is there a time I’m not diffusing some type of essential oil blend.

What benefits can you expect from using an essential oil diffuser?

As I’ve mentioned, I started using my essential oil diffuser to cover up the dirty diaper smell and dog smell in our home without the use of the air which chemical plugin type of air fresheners. With so many little ones in our home, I wanted to start removing toxins from our daily life and replacing them with more natural products. And diffusing essential oils definitely solved my problem of a smelly home. 

From that first experiencenightstand I started to learn more about essential oils and how they can support our moods by diffusing them. Depending on the essential oils you choose to use there are a number of benefits you can expect from using an essential oil diffuser. 

  • Can help achieve better sleep
  • Can help improve mood
  • Can provide emotional support
  • Energizing and uplifting
  • Improve immune support
  • Help with congestion, colds and flu symptoms

Here are 3 of my favourite essential oil blends I like to use in my essential oil diffuser

Bedtime Stories

2 Drops  Lemongrass Essential Oil

2 Drops Orange Essential Oil

2 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

Calm like the River

5 Drops Frankincense Essential Oil

2 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

2 Drops Marjoram Essential Oil

2 Drops Sandalwood Essential Oil

New Life Diffuser Blend

4 Drops Wild Orange Essential Oil

3 Drops Ginger Essential Oil

2 Drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

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