Exhausted? Try These Natural Energy Boosters! 

Need a quick boost of energy? Feeling sluggish and moody? No problem! Simple lifestyle changes can increase your energy and stamina, leaving you invigorated. 

Coffee does the trick, but it also causes heart palpitations and insomnia. Energy drinks are loaded with sugar, so they may not be the best option. What you need is a balanced diet, exercise, and proper rest. 

Before drinking one more coffee, try these natural energy boosters:

Adaptogenic Herbs

Stress is often the culprit behind fatigue and mental exhaustion. Certain herbs improve your body’s ability to deal with stress, which in turn, raises your energy levels. These include:

  • Ginseng
  • Licorice root
  • Holy basil
  • Rhodiola
  • Ashwagandha
  • Gotu Kola

Add them to smoothies, cooked meals, or fresh fruit juices. You can also take herbal supplements containing these plants. 

How do Adaptogenic Herbs work?

Adaptogens are a  group of herbal ingredients that are used to improve the health of your adrenal system, the system that’s in charge of managing your body’s hormonal response to stress. They’re called adaptogens because of their unique ability to “adapt” their function according to your body’s specific needs

An example might be, think of the plant that can grow and thrive in a paced parking lot, How can a plant grow and flourish when its surroundings are not ideal? The plant adapts to its environment.  These adaptogenic herbs are helping you to adapt to the stress of your environment.

Adaptogenic herbs have been used for thousands of years in many cultures and are considered safe for long-term use.

Chia Seeds 

Loaded with protein, omega-3s, and minerals, chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse. Thousands of years ago, Aztec warriors ate these tiny seeds to gain strength on the battlefield. Thanks to them, they were able to fight and stay strong for days without food. 

Chia seeds boost your energy by regulating blood sugar levels and supplying essential nutrients. One tablespoon delivers over 4915 milligrams of omega-3s, 4.4 grams of protein, 30 percent of the RDA of manganese, and 18 percent of the RDA of calcium. 

Not only are Chia Seeds amazing as an energy boost but they offer many other benefits. These include slowing down the aging process of skin,  Gut Health, the fiber is very high in a chia seed which makes it great for your digestive system. Your Heart and blood pressure, Chia seeds have an anti-inflammation property that can help with blood pressure and heart health. Chia seeds are also a great source of protein which helps with bone health, building lean muscle mass and the bodies ability to lose weight. 


Endurance athletes eat bananas before and after training for a good reason. These delicious fruits are rich in potassium and B vitamins, leading to increased energy. 

Moreover, they balance your electrolyte levels, keep you hydrated, and replenish your glycogen stores. The natural sugars in bananas will naturally boost your energy and fuel your brain. 

If you’re concerned about weight gain, eat these fruits in the morning or before training. This way, your body will use the carbs for energy rather than storing them as fat. 

Bananas are very affordable, at only 56 cents per pound you can enjoy bananas without breaking the bank. 

Bananas also can be beneficial to other areas of your life. They are full of folic acid which is wonderful if you are expecting a child, as well as Iron. tryptophan (which the body converts into serotonin) is the feel-good mood hormone. Bananas can help you improve your mood if you are feeling down in the bumps

Hemp Seeds 

Just like chia seeds, hemp seeds are loaded with protein and energy-boosting compounds, such as vitamin B. They’re exceptionally rich in omega-3s and omega-6s, which help lower inflammation and boost cardiovascular health. Protein accounts for more than 25 percent of their nutritional content. Eat them raw, add them to cooked meals, or mix them into your favorite smoothies. 

Once you add these foods to your diet, your energy will go through the roof! Give them a try – the benefits are immediate.

Ionix Supreme

Needing a simple and convenient way to add Adaptogenic Herbs to your daily routine. The Ionix Supreme that is produced by Isagenix may just be what you are looking for.  Ionix Supreme comes in Liquid or powder and is a tonic that is nutrient rich and provides nine adaptogenic herbs, ashwaganda root, schizandra extract, tribula terrestris extract, Siberian golden root, Siberian ginseng, rhododendron caucasicum, maca extract, Nepali shilajit and wolfberry extract.

Not only does the Ionix Supreme have adaptogenic herbs but also 70 trace minerals 

Isagenix prices ionix supreme

Ionix Supreme is available for purchase in Liquid, Powder, or individual sticks of powder.  Easy to use by pouring 1 oz of liquid into a shot glass and drinking it straight up or making your self a warm tea before bed with the powder form. 

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