Isagenix Chewables | Isagenix Snacks

Isagenix Chewables were previously called Isagenix Snacks

One of the staple products in an Isagenix Cleanse day. These little snack wafers are made with Whey and Milk Protein and help to curb cravings on a shake day or cleanse day. Only 15 calories each they won’t harm your weight loss efforts with empty calories.

Isagenix Chewables ( Isagenix Snacks) contains a high-quality blend of protein from cows that are milked according to the season and not treated with hormones or routine antibiotics. Chewables also contain lower lactose levels and a higher amino acid profile. 

Isagenix Chewables ( Isagenix Snacks) are also available in a dairy-free option.  

isagenix snacks cleanse days
Isagenix snacks Isagenix chewable

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Isagenix Chewables

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