What Drives Us

The Isagenix Culture

The Isagenix culture and philosophy are about more than just the products.  From the associates to the members, to the corporate senior management team, those involved with Isagenix are part of a unique community.  A community whose culture embodies the philosophy of “one team” while working towards a shared goal. 

As a community, we are a group of people who are working together to make a positive difference in world health.  Both Andrew and I experienced significant changes in our own health as a result of choosing to incorporate Isagenix products into our daily lives.  We truly believe that this type of positive change is something that anyone in any community should be able to access, to experience, and to enjoy.

After attending some local Isagenix Super Saturday events in Toronto, Ontario, we met many individuals who welcomed us into the Isagenix culture and community with open arms.  We quickly developed meaningful relationships that have led to some amazing friendships, and we felt an immediate calling to join the Isagenix team.

After joining the Isagenix team, we then made the decision to attend the Isagenix Celebration event in Las Vegas, Nevada.  During the Las Vegas event, energy levels were extremely high, and the level of excitement was phenomenal. Both Andrew and I learned a great deal about the founders of Isagenix, Kathy and Jim Coover and John Anderson.  We were left in awe of their commitment to positively impact world health and to create financial freedom for those who chose to be a part of the Isagenix community. Their vision was something that we felt we could fully embrace, giving 100% commitment to both the Isagenix culture and community.

The dedication of the company’s nutritionists and scientists is astounding, as they work to ensure that the company is on the cutting edge of evidence-based nutrition research to support both the Isagenix brand and those committing to the culture

Each and every opportunity that we have to connect with our team, whether it be through a Zoom meeting, a Super Saturday event, or an Isagenix Core event, allows us to grow in our dedication, our vision, and our focus.  The Isagenix community allows us to empower people to create more health and wealth in their own lives while having fun, embracing our “one team” culture, and while growing the Isagenix family worldwide.

Our Vision

To impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process create the largest health and wellness company in the world.

Our Motto

If it’s not right for the customers, it’s not right for the company.

What Drives Us

At the foundation of our success is our firmly established culture, and a clear set of values that motivate, inspire, and drive us to achieve and exceed our goals. Isagenix is founded on 12 core values that define who we are at our core, as a company, and as One Team globally. With these values, we hold high expectations not only for our corporate team, but also for our Associates who are at the forefront of our growth, achievements, and accomplishments.

To support our long-term goal of preserving our culture—now and in the future—we put our values down on paper for the world to see.

We’re calling it What Drives Us.

What Drives Us embodies the Isagenix mission and describes what we stand for and what matters most to us. It helps articulate how we are successful and what binds us together as One Team all across the globe.