Our secret weapon against school germs


Kids are great at sharing, especially their germs. 

Yesterday was the first day back to school for our little ones and we got right back in our habit of using the Isamune spray.  Our family has been using this spray for the last 2 school years and knock on wood, our kids have been really healthy.

In only a few short weeks kids will be coming home from school with green snotty noses, little coughs and be sharing those germs with your family.

The Isagenix Immune spray might be becoming your families secret little weapon too.

My kids brush their teeth in the morning and then use the Isagenix Immune spray themselves.

It has a bit of a pomegranate taste that the kids don’t mind at all. 

It’s a pretty amazing blend of immune boosting ingredients but I think what makes the Isagenix immune spray special is the colostrum in it.   Colostrum is what mothers make before their breast milk comes in.

Isagenix uses colostrum collected from BSE-free, BST-free, hormone-free dairy for Isamune. It is also herbicide-free, pesticide-free and preservative-free.


Isagenix Isamune spray is very affordable considering if you need to take time off work for a sick child or yourself that is un-paid. 


Isagenix Isamune


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