Isagenix IsaKids Essentials Multivitamins

Isagenix IsaKids Essentials Multivitamins are perfect for growing children.

As parents, we want to know we are providing the best nutrition for our growing kids and with Isagenix IsaKids Multivitamin you can do just that.

Isagenix IsaKids Multivitamin is 100% natural multivitamin with no artificial sweeteners and colors. Using a Fruit and vegetable base for these vitamins supports a healthy immune system which could lead to less sick days off school or daycare.

Loaded with 16 essential vitamins and minerals to help kids grow healthy and strong as well as antioxidants. You’ll be supporting Brain Health, Immune Health, Bone and Teeth Health.

A great orange flavor that is a chewable Isa-Guy Tablet.

Gift your kids the best nutrition on the market with IsaKids Essentials Multivitamin

Isagenix IsaKids Essentials

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Isagenix IsaKids Essentials

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