Isagenix New Years Kick Off

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Last week I had the privilege to travel to San Antonio, Texas for the Isagenix New Years Kick Off !

This event is one of four core events Isagenix offers. The Isagenix New Years Kick Off sets the stage for your business for the coming year.


On the first day of the event, I was able to sit in on the science talks. Many experts, such as nutritionists and doctors in different fields of medicine spoke on specific Isagenix products and the health benefits. This was a great opportunity to hear about how our products are making a difference in people’s health, the ingredients used and why they are used in different products. I loved how everything was easy to understand and I didn’t need a medical degree to follow along.


Another great part of this day was the World of Isagenix store was open. I scored some great new workout gear, found some of the seasonal Pumpkin Spice shakes in the store and hit up the Sound Concepts store for more personal development audio books.


When the doors opened for the general session, the energy in the room was off the charts. When 7000 people come together in one place to learn and grow together – it’s magical.


There were 3 new products flavor extensions of product lines announced, Chocolate Coconut Almond Dairy-Free Bar – Which is FANTASTIC,  New White Cheddar Whey Thins that our daughter is crazy about and Our Isalean Pro shake now comes in Strawberry Cream which I’m excited about.


Another exciting news as our company will be expanding this year into the United Kingdom. People from Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland can now express interest in becoming part of the Isagenix family. 


We had business training from some outstanding people in our company, Dr. Paul J. Arciero, Dr. DelRae Messer, Trudy Maples & Laura Stevens just to name a few.


We celebrated Isabody finalists, new millionaires, make a wish donations and wishes granted.


Of course, the evenings were spent with lovely team members enjoying the beautiful river walk area of San Antonio, restaurants, and shops.

I’m excited for 2017, We have such a remarkable opportunity to share the products and business with so many people and truly have an impact on people’s health.





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