Isagenix Oils – 100% Pure Essential oils

I’m over the moon excited to receive my Essence Experience Pak in the last week. These Isagenix oils are a new product for this company who has been providing customers with the best of nutritional products for the last 16 years are now expanding their no-compromise promise to the Essence by Isagenix essential oils line.

How to use Isagenix oils for your health?

Diffuse: Add a few drops of your Isagenix oils to the cool mist diffuser and breath in the benefits.

my favourite would be Isagenix Eucalyptus essential oil during the cold and flu season when everyone seems to have a stuffy nose.

Apply to skin: If you are a first-time Essential oil user, apply the oil to a discreet spot on your body and use the Isagenix Coconut application oil and watch for any skin sensitivity.  These Isagenix oils are 100% pure oils and 1 drop goes a long way.

I personally like to rub Isagenix peppermint oil on any sore joints I have after a workout. the Isagenix Peppermint essential oils have a really nice cooling feeling when rubs on a sore muscle. Give it a try next time you have good work out.

Ingest: Some oils can be consumed in water, your shake or my personal preference is in an empty veggie capsule. Content, TumBliss, Defense Shield, Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, and Peppermint are safe to ingest.

The Eight No-Compromise Steps of Essence by Isagenix Essential Oils

  • Step 1- Crop selection based on evidence that shows benefits
  • Step 2- Meticulously executed extraction
  • Step 3- Expert organoleptic testing
  • Step 4- ISO standards verification by third-party testing labs
  • Step 5- Bottling in FDA-regulated facilities
  • Step 6- Microbiological testing by third-party labs
  • Step 7- Isagenix Quality Assurance Review
  • Step 8- Safe delivery of no-compromise, shatter- and leak-proof packaged products

Buy Your Isagenix oils directly online:

Eucalyptus Isagenix oil


Frankincense Isagenix Oil


Lavender Isagenix oil


Lemon Isagenix oil


Peppermint Isagenix oil


Tea Tree Isagenix oil

Tea Tree

Fresh™ Isagenix oil


Content™ Isagenix oil



 Isagenix oil



 Isagenix oil


Isagenix Coconut Application Oil

Isagenix Coconut Application Oil

Isagenix Cool Mist Diffuser

Isagenix Cool Mist Diffuser

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