Are you struggling to make it throughout your daily routine without the sugar or caffeine boost?

Your not alone, Many people are dependant on that 3pm coffee and cookie break!

There are several reasons why we run around on this hamster wheel of life that sucks the energy force right out of us.

We are in a cycle of stress from work, personal life, An emotional roller coaster of juggling, work responsibilities, family life and routines, social committments. Do you feel like the Yes- Man?  Always saying Yes to bake sales, taking on a extra project at work? You don’t want to look “weak” and unable to “handle” your resonsiablites.

This all leads to lack of sleep, you just can not shut your brain off at night, your making to-do lists, your re-playing that meeting you had with a co-worker that afternoon. You’re making a mental note to add $2 to your child’s book bag tomorrow for the Valentine cookie sale.

Is any of this resonating with you?

This seriously is a chapter taken right out of my life ( kinda). I’ve had the privilege to stay home with my children for the last 8 years. but I have offered home childcare for those years and It truly is an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

But my days were crazy. Breastfeeding a 4-month-old 2 times a night while playing Farmville ( seriously who played this game?). A feisty red-headed 18-month old who would scream at the baby gate of her bedroom door at bedtimes, until she vomited. and then 2 lovely 1-year-old children would come over 5 days a week for the day for me to babysit them.  I changed over 100 diapers a week.  I”m not kidding you. My house smelled like shit!!   Prepared and fed these children breakfast, snacks and lunch. sang them songs, played games with them and loved and cuddled them all.

Did I mention this is when I seriously began drinking coffee?

Yup, seriously and I made my husband drive 2 hours ( one way) to buy one of those new Keurig coffee makers so I could make coffee while holding a baby. ! I seriously lived off coffee and my guilty pleasure, was those chocolate chip cookies I ate at 4 am while breastfeeding and playing Farmville.

I lacked energy. BIG TIME.

I seriously wish someone had told me about Isagenix energy system during this time of my life. I really believe I would have benefited from making a shake 1 handed while holding a baby and drinking all that superfood nutrition instead of double double coffee.  I also believe all those times I had 4 children lined up in high chairs feeding them their pasta and peas I could have benefited from eating something myself instead of taking bites of cookies here and there.

Coffee and Cookies will not give you the energy you need long-term!

Let’s get serious, you’re probably doing more damage than good filling your body with sugar and caffeine to power you through your day, however, your day looks for you.  The studies medical professionals are conducting are showing more and more evidence linking sugar to medical conditions and diseases.

What we really need to do is nourish our body and take care of it! 

This is where the Isagenix energy system comes in. It’s not just 1 product, but a system of products that have been designed to fuel your body with top notch no compromise superfood nutrition. When you put Isagenix in your body, you’re supplementing your current grocery store food with the missing components of vitamins and minerals your body is lacking.  When you fill in these jabs your body will function more efficiently because it has what it needs to run properly and effectively.


Instead of compromising the quality of their product to bring down costs, Isagenix owners decided direct sales was the way to go. What better way to eliminate advertising and distribution costs and create a no-compromise company?

Then, they went one step further. They added a personal connection between the people who sell their product and those who buy it. That’s where I come in.

When you buy Isagenix from me, you also get me as your personal coach. I’m here to listen to your questions, concerns, and successes! Plus, there’s another reason you should buy from me instead of another online distributor—I honor the Isagenix money back policy and will never sell you expired products.

I can’t wait to get you started! 

Let Your Weight Loss Begin!

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