Healthy Aging Value Pak


This pak is for anyone interested in youthful aging and building an Isagenix business. It contains all of our advanced products … like our cutting-edge Product B antioxidants plus telomere support … as well as an assortment of professional marketing tools that present the powerful opportunity for exceptional health and wealth with Isagenix. If you’re ready to jumpstart your telomere health and build your Isagenix® business, this pak has everything you need for youthful aging and business building.


As we age, inflammation can become a problem in our daily lives. When it comes to staying active we want to be able to move without pain and discomfort. This package includes the Cleanse for life product that can help with inflammation when you do a daily cleanse or another version of a cleanse day. 


If you’re looking for a meal plan that can possibly offer a way to slow down agings, we have a blog article that offers 5 suggestions of food that you can add to your meals and the health benefits from those foods. 

Retail Price: $832.00 CAD                                                                                                $810.00 USD
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2 IsaLean® Shakes or IsaLean® PRO Shake or IsaLean® Dairy-Free Shake

1 Cleanse for Life®

1 Ionix® Supreme

1 Complete Essentials Daily Pack with IsaGenesis®

1 (4-Day) Cleanse Support Kit

1 IsaDelight™

1 IsaLean™ Bars

1 Product B IsaGenesis®/IsaGenesis®

1 5-Piece Sample Pak

1 Brain Boost & Renewal

1 e+™

1 Rejuvity Sampler

1 IsaBlender

1 Autoship Membership

1 Event Coupon

1 Marketing Tools

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