The best possible pack for a complete Isagenix Weight Loss and detox solution! The Isagenix Weight Loss Value Pak promotes healthy weight loss while boosting overall,  and it contains an assortment of products large enough to share with family and friends. The President’s Pak has also been bolstered with nourishing whole-body nutritional products that assist your body with nutritional cleansing. Weight loss, improved energy, and increased mental clarity is the result of such nutritional cleansing.

Why do you want to buy your Isagenix products from me?

Isagenix is not available in stores.  BEWARE of buying any products off e-bay and Amazon for a few reasons. #1 they are illegal, As Independence Isagenix associates we are NOT ALLOWED to sell products on e-bay or Amazon. Those products may not be real Isagenix Products, They may be expired products and there will be NO Isagenix refund for these products.  By purchasing your products with me, you are getting REAL ISAGENIX PRODUCTS. These products are shipped directly to you FROM ISAGENIX WAREHOUSE.  and they will be covered by the Isagenix refund policy.

you will also receive personal coaching from me on your Isagenix products to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Retail Price: $932.57 CAD                                                                                       $834.81 USD
Sign Up and Save with FREE membership $639.00 CAD (Save $293.57!).  $589.00 USD

  • 4 IsaLean™ Shake
  • 2 Cleanse for Life™
  • 1 Ionix® Supreme
  • 1 Cleanse Support Bundle – Accelerator, IsaComfort and Chewables
  • 1 Complete Essentials™ Daily Pack with IsaGenesis™
  • 1 IsaLean Bars
  • 1 IsaDelight™
  • 1 e+™
  • 1 Isagenix Greens™
  • 1 Whey Thins™
  • 1 IsaBlender™ max
  • 1 System Guide – Weight Wellness
  • 1 CA$75 event coupon{{disclaimer:membersonly}}
  • Value Pak tool kit
  • 1 CA$28 product coupon
  • 2 Friends and family enrolment certificates

Lisa’s Isagenix Review on the Weight loss system.

The Isagenix value weight loss program is one of our top selling products. It is a complete 30 day+ package that has 64 Isagenix meal replacement shakes, the Isagenix Cleanse For Life Detoxification Dietary Supplement, as well as products to address your snacking needs (Isadelights, Isalean bars, and Chewables).

The Complete Essentials with Isagenisis is one of my favourite products. When I added these AM & PM packets of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to my daily routine, I definitely felt more energy and experienced a pep-in-my-step!

The Isagenix weight loss value program is a simple way for people to invest in a positive health change that will contribute to a healthier future.

Are you wondering if you are toxic and could benefit from the nutritional cleanse? We have a great blog article on the negative side effects toxins can have on your health. Check it out!

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New Additional Information as of March 14/ 2018

The Weight Loss Value Pak is now more valuable than ever!

This popularly recommended pak contains a wide assortment of products designed to work together for optimal results, offered at the best possible value. Work toward your weight wellness goals, using daily nutritional support along with the convenient AM and PM Complete Essentials™ vitamin packets. Receive additional support from over 60 meals, including four nutritionally supported Cleanse Days.


  • FREE IsaBlender® Max (US$40 value)
  • FREE one-year Isagenix membership for you (US$29 value)
  • FREE one-year Isagenix membership coupons for two of your friends or family members (US$58 value)
  •  CA$28 product coupon to use on your next order
  • CA$75 event coupon to be used on a future event

Snacking Options

  • Meal replacement IsaLean™ Bars can be enjoyed as a full meal replacement or cut in half for a snack
  • Available with e+™ or 5-Piece Sample Pak – your choice
  • Additional cleanse support products like IsaDelight® and Whey Thins™
  • Available for as low as US$589* when purchased through an Isagenix Independent Associate.

* Pricing incorporates discounts for Autoship Rewards and Isagenix membership. Pricing may vary based on product selections. Shipping and tax not included.

Weight Loss Value Pak

The Best Value for your dollar is in the Value package.  The diagram below featuring the 3 options for the Isagenix 30 day weight loss systems. ( Value, Premium, Basic)  shows you each product and what is removed from each selection to lower the price of the package. Although the names of the packages have been changed, the products, value and amazing results you will achieve are all the same

Isagenix day Cleanse

Why the majority of our customers choose the Isagenix 30 day weight loss value system!

From my experience people have yo-yo dieted for many years and are just read to stop the cycle. They are ready for lasting change that is easy to use, convenient for their schedules and they want results, almost instantly.

I can’t gaurentee you instant weight loss but our theory for Isagenix is when you flood the body with amazing nutrition the body is able to operate at a higher level of perfection and run more efficiently.

So would you not agree the more Superfood nutrient you give your body the faster it rejuvenate itself and start to work and perform better for you?

With the Isagenix 30 day weight loss value system. You will be taking our complete essential AM & PM vitamin packages. As well as our Isalean Bars for snacks. when you have those sweet tooth cravings you can pull out an isadelight chocolate. These are all products that do not come in a basic package.

Lisa Stevenson Isagenix

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