Isagenix IsaOmega Supreme | Omega 3 Supplement

Do you dread taking your Omega supplements because of the fishy aftertaste?

Not with Isagenix IsaOmega Supreme.  These Omega 3 Supplements are sourced from the deep waters of Norway and undergo a molecular distillation process as well as being third-party tested to ensure that it is free from 225 heavy metals (arsenic, led, mercury, cadmium, and iron), PCBs and dioxins

Isagenix IsaOmega Supreme is the purest Omega supplement on the market and contains the most concentrated sources of DHA and EPA omega-3 essential fatty acids available.

The health benefits of taking a high-quality Omega 3 supplement can help with Joints and inflammation of the joint.

IsaOmega Supreme reflects the findings of more than 900 clinical trials on the benefits of fish oil and omega fatty acids. Research shows that getting an appropriate amount of fish oil in your diet may offer amazing benefits to your heart, joints and possibly your hair, skin, and nails.



Support your Health is Isagenix IsaOmega 3 supplement


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